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第32次上Topic课(House’s Structure)

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chimney 烟囱, chimney-pot 烟囱管

slate 石板瓦 roof 屋顶

skylight 天窗 dormer window 屋顶窗,bay window 凸窗,


shutter 活动护窗, sash window 垂直推拉窗,casement window 平开窗,

French window / French door 落地窗

gutter 檐槽,eaves 屋檐,gable 山墙,

screen 纱窗,windowpane 窗玻璃,window sill 窗台

balcony 阳台,包厢

basketball hoop 篮圈,double garage 双车库,drive / driveway 私家车道

doorstep 门阶,screen door 纱门,front door 前门,porch 门廊, back door 后门

path / front walk 小径, garden / yard 院子

lawn 草坪,vegetable patch / vegetable garden 菜地

border 花坛,window box 窗口花坛,hanging basket 吊花篮,tub 大花盆,

deck 木制平台,sunshade 遮阳篷

picket fence 尖桩栅栏 chain-link fence 钢丝网眼栅栏,swing 秋千

brick 砖,siding / cladding 壁板,security light 警戒灯

drainpipe 排水管, drain / sewer grate 下水道隔蓬

1I opened the gatewalked up the ramp and rang the doorbell

2We had walk up / climb six flights of stairs to get to her flat because the elevator / lifter wasn’t working

3I’ve got a great view from my balcony

4Do you own the flat or do you lease / rent it

5I’m living in the house now but it actually belongs to my brotherHe bought it two years agoIt was in very bad shape / condition thenbut he spent a lot of money on it

6It costs a lot of money to heat a house when you live in a cold climate

Central air-condition / heating is usually quite expensive

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