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第25次上Topic课(The A An的使用)

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1、 不定冠词aan

A boy a student a university a unique person

An unkind old lady an hour an honor(荣誉),an sosanh/S/F


An apple a day keeps doctor away

Telling lies is a fault in a boyan art in a loveran accomplishment in a bachelor and second-nature in a married man

An L letter is in the word letter”。

That’s one small step for a manone giant leap for man

1、 表示独一无二的身份前不用冠词,三饭、四季、12月前不用冠词。

He was elected president for the second time

For the first time I am king of myself

If you destroyed natureyou would suffer for it

Man can conquer nature

In society

Society turns people into criminal and then locks them up

2、 单数可数名词不可单独使用。

3、 复数名词和不可数名词不可与aan 连用。

Life is hard sometimes

Life is education in itself

The writer is writing a book about the life of black in America

I love music poetry and art

I don’t like the filmbut I like the music

Air is colorless and tasteless gas

The air in this room is stuffyPlease open the windows

Books become more and more expensive

Put away the books on your desk。(clear-up

Pencils contain lead

Who put the pencils on the table

Sugar isn’t very good for you

Can you pass the sugar

History may repeat itself

4、 the的用法,特指时,世界上唯一的物质前,乐器前,序数词前,乐队前。

Can you turn off the light

Shut the door

The earththe skythe moonthe worldthe universe

The onlythe best way to cope with the problem / the first time。(cope with = deal with

The Beatles

Play the pianoplay chess

5、 一些短语

Go to school 在学校学习

Go to the school 去学校办事

Go to hospital 去看病

Go to the hospital 去看病人

In class 在上课

In the class 在这个班

Go to sea 出海

Go to the sae 去海边

In office 在职

In the office 在办公室

Go on a picnic

Gold is a metal

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