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第20次上Topic课(Talk About A Job)

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1、 Which is the easiest job?(baby-sitterdentistfootballerteacher

I think as a small school teacher is the easiest job

Because I think the children are easy teachAnd the children are very lively

I think the dentist is easier job than baby-sitter

Last timeI went with my husband to see a dentist in Dongfang hospital

I had saw that the dentist pull the patient’s tooth was very easy

But as a baby-sitteryou have to give baby to eat milk every three hour

And you have to keep the baby to sleep over 12 hour every day

And you have to give baby the bath every day

Perhapsyou have to play the baby music for the baby

I think footballer is more difficult job than baby-sitter

Because the footballer need very strongso as a footballer he has to take exercise every day

And he has to running everyday

I think this job is very boring and tiring

2、 Which is the most boring job

3、 Which is the most tiring job?(doctorfarmermintertop model

I think doctor is the most tiring job

Becauseeveryday they have face to face the kind of patient

and every patient is feel unhappyso the doctor often feel tiring

4、 Which is the most useful job

5、 Which is the worst job



Liquid 液体



Cure 治愈


Faint 晕倒

By born by birth grow up

Over night

Operation 手术

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