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第17次上Topic课(Making requests)

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Could you mind doing sth

Give sb a lift

I’ll get the car out。(garage

Give sb a lift home = drive sb home


Could you do me a small favour

Yeswhat can I for you

It’s my pleasure

练习:Do and Ask

I wonder if you’d mind doing me a small favour and taking the dog for a walk

I need to ask you a favour could you mind the baby for half an hour while I go out

You could’t do me a favour and record the football match for mecould you

I have a small favour to ask youcould you lend me 10 until tomorrow

I’ve forgotten to bring my wallet

I don’t suppose you could do me a small favour and take the dog for a walkcould you

Dialogue 对话

Phrase 短语

vase 瓶,花瓶

pot 花盆

fix the vase / pot 修理花瓶/

sweep the floor 扫地

clear up the table 整理桌子

clean the ashtray 清洗烟灰缸

clean the dustbin 清理垃圾桶

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