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第14次上Topic课(New Year’s Resolutions)

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Yesterday afternoonMy husband and I went to the supermarket

The supermarket very crowdedeveryone bought some goods

So the supermarket workers were very busyand the goods were not enough

We were happyand we also bought some goods

Such as orangedairyporkcakebiscuittoilet papertooth brushshampoodrinkball-point penchina potapple juice

We ate the supper in Yong He Da Wang

We went home by bus but my husband fell the china pot on the bus floor

So the pot have brokenI was very anger

At home he heard musicand I watched TVwe haven’t said to each other


Firecracker 爆竹,鞭炮

Firework 烟花

Potluck 家常便饭

Banquet 宴会

Pay a new year call 新年祝福

Red envelop 红包

hogmanay 大年夜,除夕

kalends 年初一

Spring Festival 春节

Lantern 灯笼

Resolution 决定,决议,决心

vice 代替

versal 整个的

Definitely 明确的,干脆的


What will happen this year in your personal life

What decisions have you taken for the coming year

NoteThe student does not have to copy word for my leadshe or she may replace my suggestedgoing to”,for examplewith a will”,and vice versa

l English

I will a promise!)。。。。

I hope my English speaking is the more the better。(become fluency

l My job

I am going to intention)。。。

I plan to find a high paid job

l Sport

I would like to。。。

I will to learn tennis

l Love

I hope to。。。

I hope my families love each other

l Travel

I am think about。。。

We plan to travel to Hainan province

l Money

I will not。。。

I will not to borrow the money

l Food / Diet

I am not going to。。。

I hope I may cook delicious foodand not going to eat short order

l Friends

I intend to 。。。

I decided to hold a college classmate meet

l TV

I am going to watch。。。

I will watch the CCTV 9 every night

l School

I promise I will。。。

I promise I will visit my middle Alma Mater

l My parents

I will definitely。。。

I hope my parents come to Shanghai

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