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Oracle 學習(Rman Backup)

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RMAN Backup
Closed database backup :
Target database must be mounted(not open);Include datafiles , control files , archived redo log files.
Open database backup :
Tablespace should not be put in backup mode;Include datafiles , control files , archived redo log files.
Image Copy :
Backup Set :
Full Backup
Incremental backup (differential backup , cumulative backup)
Multiplexed Backup Sets :
Multiplexing is controlled by the following : Filesperset , Maxopenfiles.
Parallelization of Backup Sets :
1,Configuring Parallelism to greater than 1 or allocating multiple channels.
2,Specifying many files to back up.
Duplexed Backup Sets :
1,You can create up to Four identical copies of each backup piece by duplexing the backup set.
2,You can use the following commands to produce a duplexed backup set:
Backup copies
Set backup copies
Configure ... Backup copies
3,Rman does not produce multiple backup sets,but produces identical opies of each backup piece in the set.

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