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Create Database

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connect internal
startup nomount pfile=/home/oracle/admin/PROD/pfile/initPROD_0.ora
create database "PROD"
    maxinstances 8
    maxlogfiles  32
    character set "WE8ISO8859P9"
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/system01.dbf'  size   40M
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/redoPROD01.log' size 8M,
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/redoPROD02.log' size 8M,
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/redoPROD03.log' size 8M;

REM # install data dictionary views:

REM * Create additional rollback segment in SYSTEM before creating tablespace.
create rollback segment r0 tablespace system
storage (initial 16k next 16k minextents 2 maxextents 20);

REM * Use ALTER ROLLBACK SEGMENT ONLINE to put r0 online without shutting
REM * down and restarting the database.
alter rollback segment r0 online;
REM *   1 rollback segments for every 4 concurrent xactions.
REM *   No more than 50 rollback segments.
REM *   All rollback segments the same size.
REM *   Between 2 and 4 homogeneously-sized extents per rollback segment.
REM * Attempt to keep rollback segments to 4 extents.
create tablespace rbs datafile
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/rbs01.dbf'  size   100M
default storage (
        initial          2M
        next             2M
        pctincrease        0
        minextents         2

REM * Create a tablespace for temporary segments.
REM * Temporary tablespace configuration guidelines:
REM *   Initial and next extent sizes = k * SORT_AREA_SIZE, k in {1,2,3,...}.
create tablespace temp datafile
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/temp01.dbf'    size   50M

default storage (
        initial      256k
        next         256k
        pctincrease  0

REM * Create a tablespace for database tools.
create tablespace tools datafile
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/tools01.dbf'   size   15M;

REM * Create a tablespace for miscellaneous database user activity.
create tablespace users datafile
        '/export/home6/oradata/PROD/users01.dbf'   size   10M;

REM * Create rollback segments.
create rollback segment r01 tablespace rbs;
create rollback segment r02 tablespace rbs;
create rollback segment r03 tablespace rbs;
create rollback segment r04 tablespace rbs;

REM * Use ALTER ROLLBACK SEGMENT ONLINE to put rollback segments online
REM * without shutting down and restarting the database.  Only put one
REM * of the rollback segments online at this time so that it will always
REM * be the one used.  When the user shuts down the database and starts
REM * it up with initSID.ora, all four will be brought online.
alter rollback segment r01 online;
alter rollback segment r02 online;
alter rollback segment r03 online;

REM * Since we've created and brought online 4 more rollback segments,
REM * we no longer need the second rollback segment in the SYSTEM tablespace.
alter rollback segment r0 offline;
drop rollback segment r0;

REM * Alter SYS and SYSTEM users.
alter user sys temporary tablespace temp;
alter user system default tablespace tools temporary tablespace temp;

REM * Run catproc as internal...

REM * Run dbmsutil as internal...

REM * For each DBA user, run DBA synonyms SQL script.  Don't forget that EACH
REM * DBA USER created in the future needs dba_syn.sql run from its account.
connect system/manager

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