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RAC Troubleshoot

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RAC Troubleshoot


1.CRS log directory
 $ORA_CRS_HOME/crs/log   => CRS resource

2.DB log directory

3.Crsctl Usage: 
 crsctl check  crs          - checks the viability of the CRS stack
 crsctl check  cssd         - checks the viability of CSS
 crsctl check  crsd         - checks the viability of CRS
 crsctl check  evmd         - checks the viability of EVM
 crsctl set    css - sets a parameter override
 crsctl get    css - gets the value of a CSS parameter
 crsctl unset  css - sets CSS parameter to its default
 crsctl query  css votedisk    - lists the voting disks used by CSS
 crsctl add    css votedisk - adds a new voting disk
 crsctl delete css votedisk - removes a voting disk
 crsctl enable  crs    - enables startup for all CRS daemons
 crsctl disable crs    - disables startup for all CRS daemons
 crsctl start crs  - starts all CRS daemons.
 crsctl stop  crs  - stops all CRS daemons. Stops CRS resources in case of cluster.
 crsctl start resources  - starts CRS resources.
 crsctl stop resources  - stops  CRS resources.
 crsctl debug statedump evm  - dumps state info for evm objects
 crsctl debug statedump crs  - dumps state info for crs objects
 crsctl debug statedump css  - dumps state info for css objects
 crsctl debug log css [module:level]{,module:level} ...
                             - Turns on debugging for CSS
 crsctl debug trace css - dumps CSS in-memory tracing cache
 crsctl debug log crs [module:level]{,module:level} ...
                             - Turns on debugging for CRS
 crsctl debug trace crs - dumps CRS in-memory tracing cache
 crsctl debug log evm [module:level]{,module:level} ...
                             - Turns on debugging for EVM
 crsctl debug trace evm - dumps EVM in-memory tracing cache
 crsctl debug log res turns on debugging for resources
 crsctl query crs softwareversion [] - lists the version of CRS software installed
 crsctl query crs activeversion - lists the CRS software operating version
 crsctl lsmodules css - lists the CSS modules that can be used for debugging
 crsctl lsmodules crs - lists the CRS modules that can be used for debugging
 crsctl lsmodules evm - lists the EVM modules that can be used for debugging

   If necesary any of these commands can be run with additional tracing by adding a "trace" argument at the very front.
   Example: crsctl trace check css

        ocrconfig - Configuration tool for Oracle Cluster Registry.
        ocrconfig [option]
                -export [-s online]      - Export cluster register contents to a file
                -import                   - Import cluster registry contents from a file
                -upgrade [ []]
                                                    - Upgrade cluster registry from previous version
                -downgrade [-version ]
                                                    - Downgrade cluster registry to the specified version
                -backuploc                 - Configure periodic backup location
                -showbackup                         - Show backup information
                -restore                  - Restore from physical backup
                -replace ocr|ocrmirror [] - Add/replace/remove a OCR device/file
                -overwrite                          - Overwrite OCR configuration on disk
                -repair ocr|ocrmirror     - Repair local OCR configuration
                -help                               - Print out this help information
        A log file will be created in
        $ORACLE_HOME/log//client/ocrconfig_.log. Please ensure
        you have file creation privileges in the above directory before running this tool.


ocrdump -help
        ocrdump - Dump contents of Oracle Cluster Registry to a file.
        ocrdump [|-stdout] [-backupfile ] [-keyname ] [-xml] [-noheader]
        Default filename is OCRDUMPFILE. Examples are:
        prompt> ocrdump
        writes cluster registry contents to OCRDUMPFILE in the current directory
        prompt> ocrdump MYFILE
        writes cluster registry contents to MYFILE in the current directory
        prompt> ocrdump -stdout -keyname SYSTEM
        writes the subtree of SYSTEM in the cluster registry to stdout
        prompt> ocrdump -stdout -xml
        writes cluster registry contents to stdout in xml format
        The header information will be retrieved based on best effort basis.
        A log file will be created in 
        Make sure you have file creation privileges in the above directory before


Usage: srvctl []
 command: enable|disable|start|stop|relocate|status|add|remove|modify|getenv|setenv|unsetenv|config
 objects: database|instance|service|nodeapps|asm|listener
 For detailed help on each command and object and its options use:
    srvctl -h

Usage:  crs_stat [resource_name [...]] [-v] [-l] [-q] [-c cluster_member]
        crs_stat [resource_name [...]] -t [-v] [-q] [-c cluster_member]
        crs_stat -p [resource_name [...]] [-q]
        crs_stat [-a] application -g
        crs_stat [-a] application -r [-c cluster_member]
        crs_stat -f [resource_name [...]] [-q] [-c cluster_member]
        crs_stat -ls [resource_name [...]] [-q]

        cluvfy [ -help ]
        cluvfy stage { -list | -help }
        cluvfy stage {-pre|-post}   [-verbose]
        cluvfy comp  { -list | -help }
        cluvfy comp    [-verbose]

9.cluvfy stage ¨Clist 
Usage: cluvfy stage {-pre|-post}   [-verbose]
Valid stage options and stage names are:
        -post hwos    :  post-check for hardware and operating system
        -pre  cfs        :  pre-check for CFS setup
        -post cfs        :  post-check for CFS setup
        -pre  crsinst   :  pre-check for CRS installation
        -post crsinst  :  post-check for CRS installation
        -pre  dbinst    :  pre-check for database installation
        -pre  dbcfg     :  pre-check for database configuration

10.cluvfy stage -help
Usage: cluvfy stage {-pre|-post}   [-verbose]
SYNTAX (for Stages):
cluvfy stage -post hwos -n   [ -s   ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -pre cfs -n -s   [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -post cfs -n   -f    [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n    [-r { 10gR1 | rdbms } ]
                         [ -c ]  [ -q ]
                         [ -osdba ]
                         [ -orainv ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -post crsinst -n   [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -pre dbinst -n    [-r { 10gR1 | rdbms } ]
                        [ -osdba ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -pre dbcfg -n   -d   [-verbose]

11.Cluvfy comp -list
Usage: cluvfy comp    [-verbose]
Valid components are:
        nodereach : checks reachability between nodes
        nodecon   : checks node connectivity
        cfs       : checks CFS integrity
        ssa       : checks shared storage accessibility
        space     : checks space availability
        sys       : checks minimum system requirements
        clu       : checks cluster integrity
        clumgr    : checks cluster manager integrity
        ocr       : checks OCR integrity
        crs       : checks CRS integrity
        nodeapp   : checks node applications existence
        admprv    : checks administrative privileges
        peer      : compares properties with peers

12.Cluvfy comp -help 
Usage :
cluvfy comp    [-verbose]
SYNTAX (for Components):
cluvfy comp nodereach -n   [ -srcnode   ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp nodecon -n   [ -i   ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp cfs  [ -n ] -f    [-verbose]
cluvfy comp ssa  [ -n ]  [ -s ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp space  [ -n ] -l
                -z {B|K|M|G}  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp sys  [ -n ] -p { crs | database }  [-r { 10gR1 | rdbms } ]
                 [ -osdba ]  [ -orainv ]  [-
cluvfy comp clu  [ -n ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp clumgr  [ -n ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp ocr  [ -n ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp crs  [ -n ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp nodeapp  [ -n ]  [-verbose]
cluvfy comp admprv  [ -n ]  [-verbose]
                -o user_equiv  [-sshonly]
-o crs_inst  [-orainv ]
                -o db_inst  [-osdba ]
                -o db_config  -d
cluvfy comp peer [ -refnode   ] -n    [-r { 10gR1 | rdbms } ]
                [ -orainv ] [ -osdba ]  [-verbose]

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