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SAP Basis 职业规划 (CAREER PATH) Part II

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SAP Basis Career Path (II) –      

(Source from SAP Training,  Modified by James Yen)

Level 3: SAP Basis Consultant - Technology Expert


A Technology Expert is responsible for the conception, planning, setup, and technical support of SAP centric solutions as well as for their interfaces according to business and technical needs.

  • Definition, planning and implementation of system operations
    • Backup and recovery concept
    • Solution Monitoring
    • High Availability solutions
    • Security
    • Interface technology / Technical customizing and support of interfaces
    • Frontend rollout (e.g. mobile clients)
    • Network, Database and OS configuration
    • Setup of SAP Basis, Middleware (bc, mqseries), Output devices (printer, fax, scanner, etc.) / Technical customizing for SAP solutions
    • Development and maintenance of system documentation
    • Development and implementation of a change management concept
    • Involvement in application testing (new support packages, releases, functionality and customizing)
    • Coordination of testing regarding technical tools (e.g. ABAP Workbench, CCMS)
    • Performance Management
      • Monitor system performance
      • Identify major performance bottlenecks in the system
      • Identify the impact of administration tasks on core business scenarios
      • Performance measurement and optimization
    • Change Management
      • Upgrades
      • Support Packages
      • SAPNet Notes
      • Kernel Patches
      • Modifications
    • Second Level Technical Support (to be coordinated with the role of System Administrator)
      • Ownership of technical messages
      • Root cause analysis (Debugging, Tracing...)
      • Search for SAPNet Notes
      • Search in solution database
      • Provide problem solutions
      • Maintenance of solution database
      • Communication with SAP
      • Testing of implemented SAPNet Notes
      • Providing remote access for SAP
      • Requesting and verification of remote consulting

Level 4: SAP Basis Operation Manager - Application/Process Expert

A member of the Solution Support Team responsible for providing expertise appropriate to his/her application/process specialization to support the daily operation and effective performance of the business solution.


Operational support tasks

  • Coordination and conduct of application testing (new support packages, releases, functionality and customizing) in close co-operation with the technology team
  • Design, specification, test and implementation of business process changes
  • Evaluation, test, implementation and verification of change requests
  • Maintain appropriate documentation (in close co-operation with the technology team)
  • Verification and implementation of recommendations in service reports together with technology team
  • Monitoring, Analyzing, tuning and optimizing the business processes and interfaces in close co-operation with the technology team
  • Second level application support activities including:
    • Investigation and resolution of incidents and problems using all available local and 3rd party information sources.
      • Search in internal solution database
      • Search for SAP Notes
      • Test implemented SAPNet Notes
      • Communicate with SAP
      • Request and monitor remote access by SAP
      • Provide and confirm problem solution
    • Root cause analysis (Debugging, Tracing...)
    • Maintenance of solution database
    • Identification the need for external consulting
    • Redesign and implementation of business processes as part of software change management process adherence to standards and templates

Project support tasks

  • Design and realization of business processes
  • Definition and roll out of standards and templates


  • Detailed functional knowledge of business process (application) management and business process (application) monitoring
  • Detailed knowledge of application testing, test procedures and test scenarios (new support packages, releases, functionalities and customizing)
  • Detailed knowledge of internal support and message handling procedures including message escalation
  • Knowledge of SAP’s support and escalation procedures
  • Knowledge of project and or project manager work experience
  • Knowledge of designing and implementing business processes
  • Knowledge of defining and rolling out standards and templates
  • Knowledge of and competence in the use of SAP Solution Manager
  • Familiar with business process change management including implementation, testing and verification of change requests

 Level 5: SAP Basis Infrastructure Manager – SAP Basis Architect

He/she typically reports directly to CIO and is usually seen as a trusted advisor in aligning business needs with IT services. His/her management tasks consist of:

  • Strategy and Service Level Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Technology Management
  • Software Change Management
  • Support Desk Management


  • Overall management of the support organization
  • Overall definition and implementation of the support organization strategy, structure and procedures.
  • Overall definition and implementation of a solution management concept
  • Coordination of the different parts of the support organization
  • Owner of support organization management meetings.
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Overall Reporting
  • Personnel requirement planning
  • Personnel resource planning and allocation
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Personnel development
  • Personnel administration
  • Controlling / reporting
  • Quality management (incl. solution operation manual, escalation management)
  • Performance controlling
  • Decision making

In addition to these tasks, there are essential role-independent deliverables that must be ensured by the Support Organization Manager:

  • Info management
  • Knowledge management
  • Contract management
  • Management of end user satisfaction
  • Internal marketing
  • Service planning
  • Ordering of services
  • Quality assurance (w/r/t Standards, Templates, Transition to Support Process, etc.)
  • Escalations to SAP in liaison with the responsible business process owner


  • Generic management skills
  • Holistic view
  • IT Management
  • Knowledge in the business of the different support organization units
  • Knowledge of SAP’s support strategies, structure and processes
  • Detailed knowledge of escalation processes
  • Knowledge of Cost Models / Cost Allocation models
  • Familiarity with cost accounting

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