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SAP Basis 职业规划 (CAREER PATH) Part I

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SAP Basis Career Path –      

(Source from SAP Training and modified by James Yen)

Level 1: SAP Basis Support - Help Desk Support

A member of the Help Desk, providing the initial point of contact for the business department for all issues requiring the attention of the Solution Support Organization


Managing the entire message life-cycle:

  • Receiving messages
  • Recording
  • Initial assessment
  • Search in internal solution database
  • Search for SAP Notes
  • Resolution
  • Referring messages
  • Tracking progress
  • Confirmation and closure
  • Keeping customer informed through out


  • Very good communication and inter-personal skills, especially when communicating directly with the End User.
  • Thorough knowledge of local and country-specific requirements as well as the ability to explain these, if necessary, to the Support Organization that will be dealing with the problem message
  • High degree of adaptability (if a problem is escalated, for example). Ability to maintain a good relationship with the business department and to understand the business impact; ability to communicate all relevant information to the appropriate contact in the Support Organization
  • Basic knowledge of the products the users are using (First Level support staff needs to know which questions to ask when entering or supplementing a problem message). It can, for example, be useful to have:
    • Basic desktop skills
    • Knowledge of in overview
    • General understanding of networking concept
  • Basic IT aptitude and "first-level" knowledge of the product(s) or applications being supported, where possible
  • Knowledge of the company business terminology
  • Take appropriate training on an ongoing basis to build on existing skills and keep constantly up-to-date with advancements in products and tools
  • Ability to speak a second language, if appropriate to the business
  • Ability to use internal communications tools (e-mail, for example)

Level 2: SAP Basis Administrator - System Administrator  

In contrast to the Technology Expert, who is responsible for defining, planning, implementing and supporting an SAP centric solution from a technical point of view, the system administrator is mainly responsible for the administration and operation of an SAP centric solution. Nevertheless, he/she will also be a team member in implementation projects to support the Technology expert and to ensure a smooth transition from implementation to production. The tasks of a Technology Expert are very similar, but with a different focus.


  • Setup of the technical infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration (HW and SW)
  • HW capacity planning
  • Implementation and testing of Backup and recovery concept
  • Implementation and testing of High Availability solutions
  • Implementation and testing of Network configuration
  • Implementation and testing of Network, Database and OS configuration
  • Setup of SAP Basis, Middleware (bc, mqseries), Output devices (printer, fax, scanner, etc.)
  • Technical customizing for SAP solutions
  • Technical customizing and support of interfaces
  • Maintenance of technical system information in service tools (e.g. SAPNet R/3 Frontend)
  • Operation and Administration
  • System Management
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Verification and implementation of recommendations in service reports
  • Providing remote access for SAP


  • Knowledge of the technical infrastructure
  • Knowledge of installation and configuration (HW and SW)
  • Knowledge of HW capacity planning
  • Knowledge of Backup and recovery
  • Knowledge of High Availability solutions
  • Knowledge of Network configuration
  • Knowledge of Network, Database and OS configuration
  • Knowledge of SAP Basis, Middleware (bc, mqseries), Output devices (printer, fax, scanner, etc.)
  • Detailed knowledge of solution operation and administration
  • Detailed knowledge of system management
  • Detailed knowledge of performance management
  • Knowledge of Change Management
  • Knowledge of internal support and escalation procedures
  • Knowledge of SAP’s support and escalation procedures

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