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SAP System Copy Guide, ECC 6.0, Oracle - Part (2)

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1.     Run the SAPINST.exe program to start the GUI. Use the following table to respond to the prompts from SAPINST:


Screen Name


Welcome to SAP Installation Master

SAP ERP 2005 SR2 -> Additional Software Lifecycle Tasks -> System Copy -> Oracle -> Source System -> Central System -> Based on AS ABAP+JAVA -> Database Instance Export                                                                                                     NEXT


General Parameters

Select the profile directory                                                                      NEXT

Windows Domain

Select the domain model, typically Local Installation

OS User Passwords

Enter the password of the adm user                                               NEXT

Export Location

Browse the system to select your database export location                    NEXT

Parameter Summary

Start                                                                                                         NEXT

Copying the export files to the target system

·       Make sure there is sufficient disk space on the target system.

·       Copy the entire export directory from the source system to the target system.

Installing a ERP 2005 Central Instance (Target system)

Locate the file SAPINST on the master installation cd-rom in
 subdirectory 51032260_11_BS2005_SR2_Installation_Master_Windows_Server_on_IA32_32bit

·       Double-click the file SAPINST to begin the installation. The installation files are extracted into subdirectory c:\program files\sapinst_instdir\.

·       The SAPINST GUI starts. Use the following table for help on responses:


Installation Screen

Suggested Response

Main Installation Screen  -> Choose Service

SAP Installation Master -> SAP ERP 2005 SR2 -> Additional Software Lifecycle Tasks -> System Copy -> Oracle -> Target  System -> Central System -> Based on AS ABAP and AS JAVA -> Central System Installation       Next è

Define Parameters -> Parameter Mode

Select Custom                                                                                             Next è

Software Package Request -> Java Component NW2004sSR2

D:\CDs\51032269                                                                                      Next è

Java Development Kit

C:\j2sdk1.4.2_15_x64                                                                                Next è

General Parameters -> SAP System ID (SAPSID) and Instllation Deive and Unicode             

SAP System ID (SAPSID) : PS1,   Installation Drive: D:

Unicode System (recommended): checked                                                Next è

SAP System -> Master Password

Password for all users of this SAP system and Confirm                           Next è

SAP System-> Windows Domain

Domain Model -> Local Installation                                                         Next è

SAP System -> OS User Passwords

SAP System Administrator password  and SAP System Service User Passowrd

                                                                                                                   Next è

SAP System -> Database ->

Database Installation -> Installation Method

Select Standard System Copy/Migration (Load-based)                            Next è

SAP System -> Database Parameters ->

Database IS (DBSID): PS1, Database Host: socw3s1xxxx                       Next è

Oracle -> Server Software

Oracle Software are not installed. Install Oracle software first                Next è

Install Oracle 10.2 Software

D:\CDs\51031678-oracle\NT\AMD64\sapserver.cmd                             Next è

(Keep SAPinst  window opened without interrupt ECC 6.0 Installation)

(It will take 30-40 mins to install Oracle 10.2)

Apply Oracle 10.2.02 Patch

D:\CDs\51031725\DVD_ORACLE_10.2.0.2_Patches_WIN_AIX_SOL\NT\AMD64 (Specify Home Detail: Name: SID102 and Path D:\oracle\SID\102)

                                                                                                                  Next è

Oracle -> Server Software

Select Oracle server software is installed, continue Oracle -> Server Software

Oracle -> Database System

Database Instance Parameters: DBHome, DB Server Version           

Instance Memory: Instance Ram: 4063

Database Schema Parameters: ABAP Schema: SAPSID, JAVA Schema: SAPSIDDB                                                                                              Next è

Oracle -> Database System for OBR

Databse Server Drives: Drive for sapdataHome and Drive for Oracle Archive (oraarch): Select D: Drive                                                                        Next è

Oracle -> Standard Database Users

Oracle Database Users: Password of sys and system, use default          Next è

Oracle -> Listener Configuration

Oracle Listener Configuration: Select default                                         Next è

SAP System -> Secure Store Settings

Secure Store Settings: Keep it default                                                    Next è

SAP System -> Central and SCS Instance

Enter the Central and SCS instance parameters: default is 00 and 01    Next è

SAP System -> Central and SCS Instance -> Service Ports

Enter the Central and SCS instance service ports: default is 3600, 3900 and 3901

                                                                                                                Next è

Media Browser -> Software Package Request

Enter the location of the export file from source System:

Migration Export: D:\CDs\export                                                          Next è

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