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Many things of ODI

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Log levels:
1. Displays the start and end of each session
2. Displays level 1 and the start and end of each step
3. Displays level 2 and each task executed
4. Displays the SQL queries executed, as well as level 4
5. A complete trace, often requested during a support call 

The staging area defaults to the target. It may be necessary to put it on a different logical schema if the target does not have the required transformation capabilities for the interface. This is the case for File, JMS, etc. logical schemas. After defining the target datastore for your interface, you will be able to set a specific location for the Staging Area from the Overview tab by clicking the Staging Area Different From Target option and selecting a logical schema that will be used as the staging area. If your interface has a temporary target datastore, then the Staging Area Different From Target option is grayed out. In this case, the staging area as well as the target are one single schema, into which the temporary target is created. You must select here this logical schema.

Oracle Data Integrator includes a built-in lightweight database engine that can be used when no database engine is available as a staging area (for example, when performing file to file transformations). To use this engine, select In_MemoryEngine as the staging area schema. This engine is suitable for processing small volumes of data only.

"ODI-40406 : Bytes are too big for array" means that ODI tries to put a value larger than that is specified in the datastore column length. If your file is in "fixed format" (instead of delimited) , the size of the header name is important.
For example,  column "SALES_PERSON_ID" of Oracle provided demo must be >= 15 characters.
You can :
- disable the creation of header,
- or rename the header,
- or increase the size of the column of your flat file
- or use the "delimited" format for your flat file

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