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SELECT Sid, Serial# FROM V$session WHERE Audsid = Sys_Context('USERENV', 'SESSIONID');
SELECT p.Spid "OS Thread", b.NAME "Name-User", s.Program, s.Sid, s.Serial#,  s.Osuser, s.Machine  
FROM V$process p, V$session s, V$bgprocess b  WHERE p.Addr = s.Paddr  AND p.Addr = b.Paddr  
And (s.sid=&1 or p.spid=&1) UNION ALL  
SELECT p.Spid "OS Thread", s.Username "Name-User", s.Program, s.Sid,  s.Serial#, s.Osuser, s.Machine  
FROM V$process p, V$session s  WHERE p.Addr = s.Paddr  
And (s.sid=&1 or p.spid=&1)  AND s.Username IS NOT NULL;
SELECT /*+ PUSH_SUBQ */  Command_Type, Sql_Text, Sharable_Mem, Persistent_Mem, Runtime_Mem, Sorts, Version_Count, Loaded_Versions, Open_Versions, Users_Opening, Executions, Users_Executing, Loads, First_Load_Time, Invalidations, Parse_Calls, Disk_Reads, Buffer_Gets, Rows_Processed, SYSDATE Start_Time, SYSDATE Finish_Time, '>' || Address Sql_Address, 'N' Status  FROM V$sqlarea WHERE Address = (SELECT Sql_Address  
FROM V$session  WHERE Sid = &sid );
SELECT p.Spid, s.Sid, s.Serial# Serial_Num, s.Username User_Name,  a.TYPE Object_Type, s.Osuser Os_User_Name, a.Owner,  
a.OBJECT Object_Name,  Decode(Sign(48 - Command), 1, To_Char(Command), 'Action Code #' || To_Char(Command)) Action,  p.Program Oracle_Process, s.Terminal Terminal, s.Program Program,  s.Status Session_Status  FROM V$session s, V$access a, V$process p  WHERE s.Paddr = p.Addr  AND s.TYPE = 'USER'  AND a.Sid = s.Sid  AND a.OBJECT = '&obj'  ORDER BY s.Username, s.Osuser;
SELECT s.Osuser Os_User_Name,  
Decode(Sign(48 - Command),1,To_Char(Command),  
'Action Code #' || To_Char(Command)) Action,  p.Program Oracle_Process, Status Session_Status, s.Terminal Terminal,  s.Program Program, s.Username User_Name,  
s.Fixed_Table_Sequence Activity_Meter, '' Query, 0 Memory,  
0 Max_Memory, 0 Cpu_Usage, s.Sid, s.Serial# Serial_Num  
FROM V$session s, V$process p  WHERE s.Paddr = p.Addr  
AND s.TYPE = 'USER' ORDER BY s.Username, s.Osuser;
SELECT n.NAME, v.VALUE, n.CLASS, n.Statistic#  FROM V$statname n, V$sesstat v  WHERE v.Sid = &sid  
AND v.Statistic# = n.Statistic#  ORDER BY n.CLASS, n.Statistic#;
7、查询耗资源的进程(top session)
SELECT s.Schemaname Schema_Name, Decode(Sign(48 - Command),1, To_Char(Command), 'Action Code #' || To_Char(Command)) Action,  Status Session_Status, s.Osuser Os_User_Name, s.Sid, p.Spid, s.Serial# Serial_Num, Nvl(s.Username, '[Oracle process]') User_Name,  
s.Terminal Terminal, s.Program Program, St.VALUE Criteria_Value  
FROM V$sesstat St, V$session s, V$process p WHERE St.Sid = s.Sid  AND St.Statistic# = To_Number('38') AND ('ALL' = 'ALL' OR s.Status = 'ALL')  AND p.Addr = s.Paddr ORDER BY St.VALUE DESC, p.Spid ASC, s.Username ASC, s.Osuser ASC;
SELECT /*+ RULE */ Ls.Osuser Os_User_Name, Ls.Username User_Name, Decode(Ls.TYPE, 'RW', 'Row wait enqueue lock', 'TM', 'DML enqueue lock', 'TX', 'Transaction enqueue lock', 'UL', 'User supplied lock') Lock_Type, o.Object_Name OBJECT, Decode(Ls.Lmode, 1, NULL, 2, 'Row Share', 3, 'Row Exclusive', 4, 'Share', 5, 'Share Row Exclusive', 6, 'Exclusive',  NULL) Lock_Mode, o.Owner, Ls.Sid, Ls.Serial# Serial_Num, Ls.Id1, Ls.Id2  FROM Sys.Dba_Objects o,  (SELECT s.Osuser, s.Username, l.TYPE, l.Lmode, s.Sid, s.Serial#, l.Id1, l.Id2  FROM V$session s, V$lock l  WHERE s.Sid = l.Sid) Ls  
WHERE o.Object_Id = Ls.Id1  AND o.Owner <> 'SYS'  ORDER BY o.Owner, o.Object_Name;
SELECT Ws.CLASS, Ws.COUNT COUNT, SUM(Ss.VALUE) Sum_Value  FROM V$waitstat Ws, V$sysstat Ss WHERE Ss.NAME IN ('db block gets', 'consistent gets')  GROUP BY Ws.CLASS, Ws.COUNT;
SELECT p.Pid, p.Spid, s.Program, s.Sid, s.Serial# FROM V$process p, V$session s WHERE s.Paddr = p.Addr; 
SELECT Sid, Username, Event, Blocking_Session, Seconds_In_Wait, Wait_Time FROM V$session WHERE State IN ('WAITING') AND Wait_Class != 'Idle'; 
col user_name format a32 SELECT /*+ rule */ Lpad(' ', Decode(l.Xidusn, 0, 3, 0)) || l.Oracle_Username User_Name,o.Owner, o.Object_Name, s.Sid, s.Serial# FROM V$locked_Object l, Dba_Objects o, V$session s  
WHERE l.Object_Id = o.Object_Id AND l.Session_Id = s.Sid ORDER BY o.Object_Id, Xidusn DESC;  

col username format a15  
col lock_level format a8  
col owner format a18  
col object_name format a32  
SELECT /*+ rule */ s.Username,Decode(l.TYPE, 'tm', 'table lock', 'tx', 'row lock', NULL) Lock_Level,  
o.Owner, o.Object_Name, s.Sid, s.Serial# FROM V$session s, V$lock l, Dba_Objects o WHERE l.Sid = s.Sid  
AND l.Id1 = o.Object_Id(+)AND s.Username IS NOT NULL; 
SELECT Se.Sid, s.Username, Se.Event, Se.Total_Waits, Se.Time_Waited,Se.Average_Wait FROM V$session s, V$session_Event Se WHERE s.Username IS NOT NULL AND Se.Sid = s.Sid AND s.Status = 'ACTIVE'AND Se.Event NOT LIKE '%SQL*Net%'ORDER BY s.Username;  
SELECT s.Sid, s.Username, Sw.Event, Sw.Wait_Time, Sw.State,Sw.Seconds_In_Wait FROM V$session s, V$session_Wait Sw WHERE s.Username IS NOT NULL AND Sw.Sid = s.Sid AND Sw.Event NOT LIKE '%SQL*Net%'  
ORDER BY s.Username; 
col event format a24  
col p1text format a12  
col p2text format a12  
col p3text format a12  
SELECT Sid, Event, P1text, P1, P2text, P2, P3text, P3 FROM V$session_Wait WHERE Event NOT LIKE '%SQL%'  
AND Event NOT LIKE '%rdbms%'AND Event NOT LIKE '%mon%'ORDER BY Event;  
SELECT NAME, Wait_Time FROM V$latch l WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM (SELECT Sid, Event, P1text, P1, P2text, P2, P3text, P3  FROM V$session_Wait WHERE Event NOT LIKE '%SQL%'AND Event NOT LIKE '%rdbms%'  
AND Event NOT LIKE '%mon%') x WHERE x.P1 = l.Latch#); 
col owner format a18  
col segment_name format a32  
col segment_type format a32  
SELECT Owner, Segment_Name, Segment_Type FROM Dba_Extents WHERE File_Id = &File_Id AND &Block_Id BETWEEN Block_Id AND Block_Id + Blocks - 1; 
SELECT s.Sid, s.Serial# FROM V$session s, V$process p WHERE s.Paddr = p.Addr AND p.Spid = &1;  
Exec Dbms_System.Set_Sql_Trace_In_Session(&1, &2, TRUE);  
Exec Dbms_System.Set_Sql_Trace_In_Session(&1, &2, FALSE); 
SELECT P1.VALUE || '/' || P2.VALUE || '_ora_' || p.Spid || '.ora' Filename FROM V$process p, V$session s, V$parameter P1, V$parameter P2 WHERE P1.NAME = 'user_dump_dest'AND P2.NAME = 'instance_name' AND p.Addr = s.Paddr AND s.Audsid = Userenv('SESSIONID') AND p.Background IS NULL AND Instr(p.Program, 'CJQ') = 0; 
SELECT Do.Object_Name, Session_Id, Process, Locked_Mode FROM V$locked_Object Lo, Dba_Objects Do WHERE Lo.Object_Id = Do.Object_Id; 

data buffer命中率(HIT RATIO的值不低于90%): 
select 1-(phy.value/(cur.value+con.value)) "HIT RATIO" from v$sysstat cur, v$sysstat con, v$sysstat phy where'db block gets' and'consistent gets' and'physical reads'; 

dictionary cache命中率(Data Dictionary Hit Ratio的值不低于95%): 
select 1-(sum(getmisses)/sum(gets)) "Data Dictionary Hit Ratio" from v$rowcache; 

library cache命中率(Library cache Hit Ratio的值不低于99%) 
select 1-(sum(reloads)/sum(pins)) "Library cache Hit Ratio" from v$librarycache;
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