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Error 600 encountered while recovering transaction

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Error 600 encountered while recovering transact
ion (9, 64) on object 254872.[@more@]

1-MAKE sure that all tablespaces are online and all datafiles are
online. This can be checked through v$datafile, under the
status column. For tablespaces associated with the datafiles,
look in dba_tablespaces.

If that still does not resolve the problem then

2-PUT the following in the init.ora-
event = "10015 trace name context forever, level 10"

Setting this event will generate a trace file that will reveal the
necessary information about the transaction Oracle is trying to roll
back and most importantly, what object Oracle is trying to apply
the undo to.

3-SHUTDOWN the database (if normal does not work, immediate, if that does
not work, abort) and bring it back up.

Note: An ora-1545 may be encountered, or other errors. If the database
cannot startup, contact customer support at this point.

4-CHECK in the directory that is specified by the user_dump_dest parameter
(in the init.ora or show parameter command) for a trace file that was
generated at startup time.

5-IN the trace file, there should be a message similar to-
error recovery tx(#,#) object #.

TX(#,#) refers to transaction information.
The object # is the same as the object_id in sys.dba_objects.

6-USE the following query to find out what object Oracle is trying to
perform recovery on.

select owner, object_name, object_type, status
from dba_objects where object_id = ;

7-THIS object must be dropped so the undo can be released. An export or relying
on a backup may be necessary to restore the object after the corrupted
rollback segment goes away.

8-AFTER dropping the object, put the rollback segment back in the init.ora
parameter rollback_segments, removed the event, and shutdown and startup
the database.

In most cases, the above steps will resolve the problematic rollback segment.
If this still does not resolve the problem, it may be likely that the
corruption is in the actual rollback segment.
At this point, if the problem has not been resolved, please contact
customer support.

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