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Database Programming With JBuilder Step by Step Part 1 ( a quick reference )

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Creating the DataStore file store = new DataStore();

l         Set the fileName for the DataStore file. store.setFileName(jdbcURL);

l         Set any other properties that must be set at create-time, like the blockSize, if desired.

l         To make the DataStore transactional:

Instantiate a TxManager new TxManager()

Assign it to the DataStore's txManager: store.setTxManager(new TxManager() )

l         Assign a name to the DataStore's userName property store.setUserName(jdbcUser);

l         Call the DataStore's create method store.create();

the create method (if successful) results in an open connection to the newly-created DataStore through the DataStore object

Connecting the JdataStore Database

you should use the DataStoreConnection class to open a connection to an existing DataStore.

    storeConnect = new DataStoreConnection();



When using the DataStore with a StorageDataSet:

l          DataSet.setStoreName("TabelleName");

l         DataSet.setStore(storeConnect);


Database and DataSet are implicitly opened when visual components bound to them open. When you are not using a visual component, you must explicitly open a DataSet. opening a DataSet implicitly opens a Database. A Database is never implicitly closed.

To make any data set updateable, set the updateMetaData property to NONE


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