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Pmac Lite Servo Cycle Setting

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Servo Update Rate

 With ACC28E for data sampling, servo cycle = 1.13KHz., according to servo update time =  885 usec

If you change the servo update time with the jumpers, you must change pa-rameter I10 to match the change in order that trajectories are executed at the right speed.

Jumper Setting

E98: DAC/ADC Clock Frequency Control
Jump 2-3 to provide a 1.22MHz DCLK signal to DACs and ADCs. Important for high accuracy A/D conversion on Acc-28
Jump 1-2 to provide a 2.45MHz DCLK signal to DACs and ADCs.

E29 - E33: Phase Clock Frequency Control
only E31 is ON, 
Phase Clock Frequency = 4.52 kHz

E3 - E6: Servo Clock Frequency Control 
Servo Clock = Phase Clock Divided by N ( Only E5 and E6 ON, N = 4)

I10 Servo Interrupt Time

I10 = 8,388,608* N / PhaseFrequency(kHz) 
8,388,608 *4 / 4.52 

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