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Oracle Support Diagnostics Tools

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Oracle Support Diagnostics Tools

  • Information in a test output helps to:
    • Identify and solve potential issues before suffering their symptoms
    • Identify and solve existing issues without need of assistance
    • Increase self-service efficiency by verifying / eliminating of a possible cause / solution of an existing issue
    • Reduce time to resolution if a service request has to be logged
  • Execution of support diagnostics tools is easy due:
    • Central location of all tests
    • No special technical knowledge required to execute tests
    • No special SQL*Plus/operating system access required to execute tests

Support Diagnostics Tools Where To Find Them

  • All released tests – Diagnostic Tests Catalog – Note: 179661.1
  • Oracle Support Diagnostics Patch – Note: 167000.1
  • Technical FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide – Note: 235307.1
  • Direct links to all mentioned documents –
    • MetaLink > Knowledge > Knowledge Browser > Support Tools > Diagnostic Tools

Support Diagnostics Tools How They Are Supported?

  • Support Diagnostics Tools are supported the same way as any other Oracle product
  • In case of any installation / execution issue log a Service Request for the product:Support Diagnostics Project
  • In case of any installation / execution question post your question on the Support Diagnostics Project MetaLink forum

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