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下载已安装好10g RAC的VMvare安装盘

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从xzh2000在管理版发的帖子上知道的:。Oracle官方站点目前已经提供安装好的Red Hat Enterprice Linux 3(u2)上10g RAC的VMware虚拟机安装盘。有需要的话可以到Oracle官方网站上下:


Your Desktop Data Center - Experience all the Power of Oracle Database 10g

Oracle, VMware and Red Hat have teamed up to provide everything you need to run a full Oracle Database 10g on Linux environment on your Windows desktop – including the operational infrastructure and step-by-step instructions on how to use Oracle Database 10g with Oracle Real Application Clusters. Note: these kits are for evaluation and development purposes only. Oracle will not support any deployments of this package.
Use your Desktop Data Center to:

Deploy a fully preconfigured Oracle Database 10g with Real Application Clusters on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in less than an hour using a VMware virtual machine environment
Try the self-study exercises on Oracle Database 10g features for yourself – including Oracle Real Applications Clusters, Automatic Storage Management, and much more

This kit includes:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Update 2
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition with Real Application Clusters
VMware Workstation v4.5.2 - 90-day evaluation

Download the files:

See the Readme for an overview of what is included in the Desktop Data Center kit, System Requirements, Installation and Configuration Options, and Using the Virtual Machine
Your Desktop Data Center DVD 1 (required) (2,055,432,139 bytes, md5sum: c571eec50edfd8c032e86cfacc7976cc)
Your Desktop Data Center DVD 2 (required). Note: This link will take you to the Red Hat website where you will need to register to begin downloading this additional (required) software.

After downloading and extracting these zip files, run installer from disk1installsetup.exe to begin the installation process. Make sure you have disk1 and disk2 directories at the same level before running setup.exe.
Eg. c:vmwaredisk1 and c:vmwaredisk2

See the Oracle on Linux VMware kit discussion forum

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