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Thomas Kyte said....

What are your stats on that Laptop?

This was my christmas present to myself...

It is nine pounds in weight. hp pavilion zd7000.

Full size keyboard (numeric keypad and all).

3.2 Ghz P4 Extreme Edition with hyperthreading. (works like a 2 cpu machine)...

2 gig of ram.

80 gig hard disk (i should have gotten the 60 and still might, the 80 gig while having a 16mb cache spins at 5400 rpm, the 60 with the same cache goes 7200. A couple of usb external drives to hold the vm images would have been a better choice).

The screen is awesome. 17" ultra widescreen (1680x1050). At home/work I stretch that out onto my 21" LCD running 1600x1200 and have screen real estate that cannot be beat.

The big bummer -- just a 10/100 network, no gigabit :( My last laptop had gigabit and moving the VM's around was really fast. Now not so fast, but bearable. Faster than the WiFi that is for sure...


One of the applications I’m totally into right now is VMWARE. One my laptop I have seven databases now. 3 in windows vm (8i, 9ir2, 10gr1), 3 in a small linux vm (9ir1, 9ir2, 10gr1) and one in a big linux vm pretending to be a 2 instance RAC cluster using ASM and OCFS .



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