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NoSQL Revolution

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公司发了内部文档,IT项目需要DBA支持NoSQL 。

有一篇有意思的文档 《Hard truths about the NoSQL revolution》,有些感触。不管怎样,还是要学一下滴。


Hard truths about the NoSQL revolution - By Peter Wayner

NoSQL hard truth No.1: JOINs mean consistency
NoSQL hard truth No.2: Tricky transactions
NoSQL hard truth No.3: Databases can be smart
NoSQL hard truth No.4: Too many access models
NoSQL hard truth No.5: Schema flexibility is trouble waiting to happen
NoSQL hard truth No.6: No extras
NoSQL hard truth No.7: Fewer tools

NoSQL shortcomings in a nutshell.All of these NoSQL shortcomings can be reduced to one simple statement: NoSQL tosses away functionality for speed.If you don't need the functionality, you'll be fine, but if you need it in the future, you'll be sorry.

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