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Why Top Talent Leaves: Top 10 Reasons

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1. Big Company Bureaucracy - No voice in the process and really talented people say “check please.”

2. Failing to Find a Project for the Talent that Ignites Their Passion. - Top talent isn’t driven by money and power, but by the opportunity to be a part of something huge, that will change the world, and for which they are really passionate.

3. Poor Annual Performance Reviews. - The impression this leaves with the employee is that my boss — and, therefore, the company — isn’t really interested in my long-term future here. If you’re talented enough, why stay?

4. No Discussion around Career Development. - If your best people know that you think there’s a path for them going forward, they’ll be more likely to hang around.

5. Shifting Whims/Strategic Priorities. - Top talent hates to be “jerked around.”

6. Lack of Accountability and/or telling them how to do their Jobs. - Top talent demands accountability from others and doesn’t mind being held accountable for their projects.

7. Top Talent likes other Top Talent. - If you want to keep your best people, make sure they’re surrounded by other great people.

8. The Missing Vision Thing.

9. Lack of Open-Mindedness.

10. Who's the boss ?

Yes, I agreed with this "Top talent leave an organization when they’re badly managed and the organization is confusing and uninspiring."


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