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装修进行中(decoration is in progress (to be continued))2

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After that time we decided to have the group work on, We knew that sealing the three terraces and the carpentry were in their best fields .thus,I told them it was nothing ,forgot it ,keep working as usually.

From then on we were talking and laughing and making joking as usually just like nothing happened to me.

Timing elapsed till another unsatisfactory thing happened,one of the worker who had a so bad skill in pasting on the wall made so many coarse, irregular surface on the wall which means not smooth. How can they did it like that.What a bad's my bedroom.

And we decided to stop decorating and turned to choose another worker to paste tiles and kept the orginal work group to provide the materials we need ,or we should buy them by ourself.

we told my idear to the boss of the first group,they agreed with us.Until we wanted to change the pasting worker ,they seemed unacceptable.

[@more@]to be continued....

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