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装修进行中(decoration is in progress.) 1

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I'v fired my first decoration company.And now I 'm going to hire another decoration group ,which is just a work team with contract attached by a company .but it's enough.whatever it's cheap.

i could't pay too much for the basic decorating such as pasting the titles on the surface of the wall and the floor; pasting oil on the desk and the carbinnets ets.... because i wanted a simple decoration as listed above without hanging a beautiful roof..but ithe budget was enough for all i wanted and according to my mind ,i tryed to obey the rule ,which is 'They win,I win'.so i tolded them to do it with hearts.If they do it best i would pay them a bonus.

The first team was a team from beijing ,combined with family members ,such as uncles ,bothers,bothers' wife boss's wife,whose boss's daughter was my wife's student .although they knew each other before the decoration began,So,we did'nt make a formal contract before we started to decorate.

We made the last decision at last refusing to listen my old friend's my college Mr.guo's advise, which is 'do not make so close with your decoration team.' ,but at last we ingored the useful advise.My wife considered that she was their daughter's teacher,then must pay their best attention to do it well,. although I doubted it but i defered to my wife.

Time passed,it seemed that the most worst situation was not that i listed above.

I feel i'm in a wrong we knew well each other with the decoration group and after they made the first eligible thing of pasting in my bathroom,my father told me that wat unacceptable.Anyway my wife and i allow them keeping working for us ,because we knew well,and hesitated to leave them or fire them,so that we thought naively that they would do it better from now on .

My father alerted me,but my wife was shilly-shally, so am i ....


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