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SAP 用的到Date [网络文摘]

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Document Date
the date in which the business transaction for the Document (e.g., a transfer of posting or the issue date of an invoice or payment) took place.
Entry Date
the date the transaction was actually "permanently entered" into R/3.
Posting Date
Posting Date determines the posting period and defines in which fiscal period a document will post (regardless of the Document or Entry date).
The periods that are permitted for posting are determined by Accounting Services. This is the date that G/L Account Balances are updated.
The Posting Date will override the Fiscal Period entered on a document if they are different.
It is possible that an invoice was issued with a Document Date of 6/15/98, entered into R/3 on 7/15/98 (Entry Date) with a Posting Date of 6/30/98 (to post the Document in the previous fiscal year).
Many times, all three of these dates are the same.

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