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SAP BW 系统监控的几个t-code

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SM21: 检查系统日誌
ST22: abap DUMP 日誌
SM13: 检查更新错误
SM12: 检查锁定的Item
DB13: 备份并检查数据库
DB02: 监视数据库增长
ST04: 检查数据库运行情况
DB12: 检查存档日誌记录
ST04: DB运行性能
ST06: OS运行性能
SM04: 检查用户当前操作
SM36: 定义后臺JOB
ST03: 系统负载分析


SAP BI Performance Tuning

The SAP BI based data warehouse can be an overwhelming environment due to the fact that
there could be large amounts of data piling up regularly making it difficult to execute a report or
query. This makes performance tuning a key aspect in BW maintenance. Over the years,
equipped with experts with a wide range of experience and an exhaustive “lessons learned”
database, SourceCode has been helping customers with all their performance pains and issues.
We specialize in resolving all kinds of performance related issues.
From our experience we have seen that performance related problems in BW fall under
one of the following categories:
 General Settings and Checklist
 Modeling
 Query Performance
 Extraction/ Data Load Performance
 DB Statistics

To make the customer's SAP BW more stable and the reporting more efficient, we use the
following Performance tuning techniques:
 BW statistics
 Partitioning
 Bitmap indexes
 Line item dimensions
 OLAP cache
 Parallel processing
 Aggregates
 Rollup
 Compression
 Pre-calculation
 Number range buffering
 Additional master data indexes
 Web performance analysis tools

SAP R/3 or ABAP Performance Tuning
We also recognize that in every SAP implementation there will be a phase where performance
tuning needs to be performed. We have covered this gap within the industry by providing an
effective service for the same.
We offer R/3 Performance tuning based on ABAP Optimization techniques, most of which are
derivations of SAP's optimization rules complemented by our experience in handling performance
issues. Both SAP's standard tools like Workload monitor, SQL Trace, Runtime Analysis,
Database Statistics etc and 3rd party tools are used for analyzing the performance bottlenecks.
After identifying the causes for a performance problem, optimization techniques are applied. This
could be either changes in technical settings like R/3 Buffer, Secondary index, etc or
improvements in ABAP programs, as applicable.
Areas of Optimization:
 Data access from the database server
 Network data transfer between database server and application servers
 Application data processing
 Optimum use of database Index and R/3 Buffers.

SAP Transactions we use for Performance Tuning:
 SM51 – App. Servers Overview
 STAT – Display Statistical Records
 ST05 – SQL Trace
 SE30 – Runtime Analysis
 ST03 – Analysis of Workload
 DB02 – Database Performance Tables and Indexes.
 DB05 – Analysis of Table w.r.t. Indexed Fields
 ST04 – Database Performance Analysis : Oracle View
 SM66 – Global Work Process Overview (Over All App Servers)
 SM50 – Process Overview

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