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TSM Console用户过期

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Resetting expired Admin password through the TSM Admin Center

Working in the TSM Admin Center when the password for the Admin ID being used expires, the user is not prompted to change the password.
The TSM Admin Center does not prompt for a new password upon Admin password expiration. Instead the following message is displayed:
The server refused the session because the administrator's password has expired.
Resolving the problem
To reset an expired TSM Admin password through the TSM Admin Center, use the "Modify Server Connection" panel. First select the TSM Server with the expired admin password on the primary panel, then select "Modify Server Connection..." from the "--- Select Action ---" pulldown and click the "GO" button.
Once inside the "Modify a Connection to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server" panel enter the new Admin password in both the "Change password" boxes and then click on OK.
This method of changing the password causes it to be updated on both the TSM server and in the TSM Admin Center connection definition, and can only be used to reset an expired password. If the password has been manually updated to a different value, the password must be reset to the old value via the admin command line client (dsmadmc), or the Server Connection must be modified to use a different admin id and password.

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