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【并购之我见】Oracle's acquisition of Sun

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Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The merging of the two companies seems interesting and is sure to have a large impact on the IT industry. You know Oracle is like a merchant and SUN seems to be a scholar because it’s active in the open source community. So just think of it, a merchant married a scholar. Let’s wait and see whether this marriage will be happy. Of course to make this marriage a happy one Oracle needs to rationalize the product portfolio of the both. Java of course is the greatest driver for this acquisition. Java is an industry standard so to own java means to control the industry standard. With Java, Oracle can say no to .Net. So Oracle of course will continue to support the Java community. Well, I’m worried about the future of MySQL. MySQL is an open source product without much profit so whether Oracle will make it die a slow death. Well, I think to make MySQL an addition to the Oracle portfolio might be the best choice. If Oracle gives up MySQL that means it has to persuade small and middle business to purchase the expensive Oracle and obviously that’s impossible, so to keep MySQL as a complement is a good choice. Oracle database targets the high-end market while MySQL focuses on the SMB. Of course there is still some fear of the future of MySQL. Since MySQL is open source the community is driven by e-pals, especially some database experts. After the acquisition MySQL is like a stepson and without the strong support from his parents it’s sure to lose many supporters. This M&A also indicates the future of open source.

Open source is like a pig. When it grows fatter everyone wants to kill and eat it.

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