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zt 打完patch要执行relink all的

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Relinking Executables

You can relink your product executables manually using the relink shell script located in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory. You must relink the product executables every time you apply an operating system patch or after an operating system upgrade. If you are running an Oracle Real Application Clusters installation, must relink the product executables on each cluster node, unless the Oracle home directory is shared across the cluster using a cluster file system.


Shut down all executables that are running in the Oracle home directory that you are relinking. Also shut down applications linked with Oracle shared libraries.

Depending on the products that have been installed in the Oracle home directory, the relink script manually relinks Oracle product executables.

To relink product executables, enter the following command, where argument is one of the values listed in Table 3-1:

$ relink argument

Table 3-1 Relink Script Arguments

Argument Description
all Every product executable that has been installed
oracle Oracle Database executable only
network net_client, net_server, cman
client net_client, plsql
client_sharedlib Client shared library
interMedia ctx
ctx Oracle Text utilities
precomp All precompilers that have been installed
utilities All utilities that have been installed
oemagent oemagent

Note: To give the correct permissions to the nmo and nmb executables, you must run the script after relinking oemagent.

ldap ldap, oid

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