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Sun Feb  6 13:13:54 2005
ORA-00130: invalid listener address '(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=*)(PORT=1521))'



RDBMS Version::
Operating System and Version:: Linux 2.4
Error Number (if applicable):: ORA-00130
Server Net Version::
Client Operating System and Version::
Client Net Version::

Message in alert log

I am getting this error in the alert log:

ORA-00130: invalid listener address '(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)('

In all of my config files I reference it by ip address. The reason is that the machine has to NICs, and I want to be sure which NIC I am referencing.

It is only there during a startup and it appears between starting DBW0 and starting LGWR.

Everything is working fine, I am just trying to find out where this is coming from. It is not in any config files that I have looked at (init.ora, tnsnames.ora, listener.ora).

来自: Oracle, David Filter 22-Jan-03 21:11
主题: Re : Message in alert log


This may have to do with registration between the instance and the listener. The instance may be trying to pickup the hostname from the os and is obtaining Startup info is recorded in the alert log and that would make sense as to why you may see listener info in the alert log, also if this occurs between the dbw0 and lgw0 this is an indication if may have to do with the instance registering to the listener.

Check the init.ora or spfile and make sure the local_listener parameter is set so the instance has the address of the listener when it starts. If it is not in the startup files, add the local_listener parameter to the file. It is also a good idea when starting the database to make sure the listener is started first so the instance can find the listener when it starts and can register immediately.

The ora-103 error from Note:194255.1 is explaining that the listener address is incorrect and this may be due to the hostname the instance is picking up from the os.


Oracle Technical Support

来自: Eric Johnson 22-Jan-03 21:31
主题: Re : Message in alert log

The listener is started before the database.

local_listener was not set. I did set it, and we'll see what happens when the database restarts overnight.

来自: Eric Johnson 23-Jan-03 13:25
主题: Re : Message in alert log

Setting local_listener did get rid of the message.

The curious thing is why is invalid. If I do a uname, I get as the name of the machine, but if I do an nslookup or a host on that address it comes back as not found.

I'll have to talk to the system administrator to find out why.



结果:修改了该参数后重新启动,问题解决。连那个‘有关error 46 encountered when initializing ldm’的错误也没有了,呵呵。

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