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Based on the SAP R3 Basis Support Function Detail

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Based on the SAP R3 Basis Support Function Detail -

Daily Monitoring, research, and intervention support function include for R/3:
(ITS, CRM, BW, APO, Enterprise Portal is different).

1.Apply patches and fixes where necessary
2.Apply software and OS upgrade when appropriate
3.Automate clean shutdown of SAP and Database and integrate with OS shutdown
4.Automate startup of SAP and Database and integrate with OS startup
5.Check for a valid backup for the previous night
6.Check for critical database tablespaces
7.Check for missing or corrupted Oracle indexes
8.Check space usage in the UNIX/NT file system
9.Check short dump looking for unusual, repetitive, or mass volumes of
10.Check output spool screen checking for failed print request
11.Consult with applications and/or operations when requested or required
12.Create ABAP programs to solve specialized, non-application related
problems when requested
13.Create Database Indexes when it’s necessary or upon requires
14.Display the lock entries looking for old (Stale) locks.
15.Document both physical and logical component layouts
16.Document exception-handling procedures
17.Document system maintenance procedures
18.Gather usage statistics to track system trends
19.Gather statistics of system downtime
20.Identify and troubleshoot SAP software problems.
21.Install and configure all SAP components
22.Integrate OS, SAP, Database and subsystem logging and reporting with
exiting automated paging system
23.Manage online and Archive Redo logs
24.Manage Database security
25.Manage Rollback segments by checking for optimum size??
26.Manager User Resources
27.Monitor and accommodate file system growth
28.Monitor and act on problem tickets entered under the problem tracking tool
29.Monitor cleanup script
30.Monitor database growth to predict future resource requirements
31.Monitor database processes
32.Monitor failed update records for unusual or excessive numbers of failed
33.Monitor job run times, especially, long running jobs
34.Monitor load balancing
35.Monitor OS level statistics
36.Monitor page block usage
37.Monitor performance metrics and tune as needed
38.Monitor roll back usage
39.Perform spool maintenance
40.Query OSS system for system notices and updates
41.Report OS, Database backup status
42.Review and manage application level user environments
43.Review automated performance monitor and reporting
44.Review automated security monitoring and reporting
45.Review buffer percentages
46.Review Configured file system, network, and OS security
47.Review database performance statistics and adjust memory allocation for
48.Review exception logs and weekly review all logs
49.Review performance collection scripts
50.Review procedure to ass and remove OS level user accounts
51.Review recovery procedures
52.Review SAP OSS connectivity
53.Review the system log looking for communication failures or abends
54.Review workload and examine resource-intensive SQL for such improvement
55.Run the network graphic monitor, checking for alert notifications
56.Run the user overview trasaction looking for foreground load balancing
and last activity time
57.Setup OS, SAP, Database and subsystem logging
58.Support the correction and transport process
59.Upgrade OS, Database Releases when it’s necessary
60.Verify control files
61.Verify database communication
62.Verify transport request objects

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