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T-code list

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AL02 SAP Performance Monitor
AL08 Current Active Users
AL16 Review system logs for problems
DB01 Exclusive check lockwaits
DB02 Database performance:Tables and Indexes
DB03 Parameter Changes in Database
DB05 Analysis of table indexed fields
EWZ5 Lock and unlock users
OS06 OS Monitor
RZ01 Graphical job monitor
RZ04 CCMS:Maintain Operation Modes and Instances
RZ10 Edit Profiles
RZ20 Check the CCMS alert monitor
SE11 database table
SE16 Data Browser
SE30 ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE49 program analysis
SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench[DEV class]
SHDB Batch Input
SM01 Transaction Codes:Lock/Unlock
SM04 Overview of Users
SM12 Select Lock Enteries
SM13 Update Records
SM20 Security Audit log
SM21 System Log
SM32 Table Maintenance
SM35 Batch Input
SM36 Define Background Job
SM37 Select Background Jobs
SM38 Queue
SM39 Read More Jobs
SM50 Process Overview
SM66 Process Overview
SM51 Check that all application servers are up
SM59 Display and Maintain RFC Destinations
SM61 Display Table BTCCTL
SMGW Gateway moniter (active connections)
STMS Transport management system
SP01 Spool
SP12 Temse:Administrator of temporary sequential data
SPAD Spool Administration
SPAM Support Package Manager
SQ03 User Groups
ST01 Trace
ST02 Tune Summary
ST03 Performance:Workload Analysis of SAP Systme
ST04 Database performance Analysis:Oracle database Overview
ST05 SAP trace
ST06 Local/OS monitor
ST07 Application Monitor:User Distrbution
ST11 Error log ( trace file )
ST22 ABAP/4 Dump Analysis ( DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR ) need check
SU01 Maintain Users
SU02 Profile
SU03 Maitain Authorizations
SU05 Maintain Internet User
SU10 Mass Changes to User Master Records
SU12 Delete All Users
SU21 List object Classes


se06 -> T000

SE03 Transport Organizer Tools[@more@]

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