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Useful Transaction codes: [转]

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-How to find the SAP transaction codes?

The usual way to find the transaction code is to click menu : System/Status while in the transaction. If you can't find the transaction then searching by what you think it is called - all transaction codes can be found by running transaction SE93 and using it to query on the transaction description. Configurers don't always know about the Abap/4 Workbench which is where many useful debugging and cross checking transactions are found.
Comment from John Arendsen: "Instead of transaction SE93 you can also use search_sap_menu or search_user_menu. These transactions provides you with information about transaction codes but also info about the nodes (path where the transaction is located in the sap-menu or the user-menu).

There are also usually several configuration menu transactions which are quicker to work through than ploughing through the IMG each time.

-The Configuration Main menu
Hit F5 to get the full SAP Reference IMG to be sure of seeing all configuration menu options. Did you know you can use the find function, ask for a 'hit list' and then select an option 'in the structure' to look for a configuration option you know exists, but can't remember or find where it is?

-Table Maintenance aka "Dealing with error messages that tell you 'entry missing in table T999"
SM31 or System/ Services/ Table Maintenance
Since all configuration is really about maintaining tables, this transaction can sometimes be used to help you out when you get that error message about 'entry missing in table T999' and the long text does not take you to the appropriate piece of configuration and you have no idea what how to find the transaction to maintain that table. Try running table maintenance or view maintenance on the table name referred to in the error message.

-The Data Browser
SE16 or Abap/4 Workbench / Overview / data browser
This allows you to 'browse' the contents of a table in a fairly user friendly fashion. It allows you to select data by the fields in the table and to choose which fields you wish displayed. This can be useful if you are trying to understand what your data is doing or find more data with similar values in a prototyping or debugging situation.
If you see the technical field names, go to 'settings/user parameters' and select field text instead.
When you execute the transaction, you may be presented with a list of fields to use as selection criteria. You can choose other fields to select by.
You can also select the whole record to display it vertically. You can display the check tables for the fields.

-Configuration menus
ORFB - FI Configuration
ORKS - CO Configuration

Instead of plowing through the IMG menu each time, you can go directly to a submenu which contains most of the configuration of the module

-Comparing Configuration in clients
OY19 or Utilities / Compare / Other Client or System.
When you are actually in a configuration transaction - looking at the table you are maintaining, click Utilities / Compare / Other Client or System This will compare the tables in the two clients, lining up the records with the same table keys so you can check the settings. Click on a line and then the detail icon to display the whole line vertically. As is often the case in the SAP transactions, there is quite a bit of functionality in this 'compare' functionality, so explore !

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