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V1 755 Enter a valid delivering plant

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When creating a sales order, sap gives below error message:

Enter a valid delivering plant

Message no. V1755


The customer for the delivering plant is the same as the sold-to party.

System Response

The system cannot determine a valid delivering plant.


Check if a delivering plant has been entered in the customer master, material master, or in the customer-info record, with identical

customer and sold-to party.


Reason and Solution (转载)

1.Go to shipping data of STO.
Path SPRO---IMG--- Material Management----Purchasing----Purchasingorder---- set up stock transport order
and remove all data for customer

2.In the sales order, the system checks the customer number of the delivering plant (T001W-KUNNR) using the customer number of the sold-to party.

If these two numbers are identical, the system issues error message V1 755 "Enter a valid delivering plant"

KIndly check the same and see the OSS note 144253

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