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Activate TMS Trusted Services

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Activate TMS Trusted Services


In this IMG activity, you activate TMS Trusted Services in the system where the transport domain controller runs.


    1. Log on to the SAP system that functions as the transport domain controller.
    To find out which system is the domain controller, call transaction STMS and choose Overview -> Systems. In the Cat column (with the quick info text TMS system type), look for the icon with the quick info text Controller.
    2. Call transaction STMS.
    3. Choose Overview -> Systems.
    The system overview appears.
    4. Choose Goto -> Transport domain.
    The Display TMS Configuration: Domain screen appears.
    5. Select the Management tab page.
    6. Switch to change mode.
    7. In the Security options group box, select Activate Trusted Services.
    8. Save your changes and distribute the configuration.

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