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SAP Domain link

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Activate Domain Links


In this IMG activity, you define inter-domain links.

If multiple transport domains are used and projects in the Solution Manager have been defined as cross-domain projects, you must define inter-domain links between the transport domains, regardless of whether change requests are moved between domains or not. If, for example, the Change Request Management system is in domain A , but the satellite systems between which requests are transported is in domain B, Change Request Management has to trigger transports in a foreign domain. This is only possible by means of domain links.


There is a permanent network connection between the systems in the domains, similar to the connection between systems within the same domain.

The domain controller systems in all the domains run on SAP Web AS 6.10, or higher.


Create inter-domain links as described in the online documentation. You can access the documentation In transaction STMS by choosing Help -> Application Help -> Configuring TMS -> Configuring Links Between Transport Domains -> Domain Links.


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