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Generate RFC Destinations to Client 000


Since Change Request Management reads important information about the system landscape (such as the transport routes) from the individual domain controllers, you must make sure that you generate RFC destinations from the Change Request Management system to client 000 of all domain controllers in the system landscape.

For more information about generating RFC destinations, see the following IMG activity: SAP Solution Manager -> Basic Settings -> SAP Solution Manager System -> System Landscape -> System Landscape Settings -> Generate RFCs.

Generate RFCs


You need RFCs in order to navigate between systems, e.g. to execute IMG activities in a satellite system.


You have executed IMG activity Solution Manager -> Basic Settings -> Satellite Systems -> Check Software Version of ST-PI Add-On.

You have to check for the minimum Support Package level in the Satellite Systems. See also the Configuration Guide section ("Automatic Generation of RFC Destinations").


For detailed information on creating RFCs with the Solution Manager System Landscape, see the online documentation of the Solution Manager System Landscape (Transaction SMSY -> Help -> Application Help -> System Landscape Management -> Create Systems -> Generate RFC Connections).

Put Systems in Landscape


In this IMG activity, you manually add those systems to your system landsape that are not in the Landscape Infrastructure Server (LIS) or the System Landscape Directory (SLD) and that you want to configure and/or administrate.


    1. In the Solution Manager System Landscape, choose Landscape Components -> Other Object .
    2. Select System and enter the system ID of the new system.
    3. Select Create.
    4. Enter the relevant data:
    • Product
    • Product version
    • Installation #
    5. Save your changes.
    6. Select the tab selection of main instances.
    7. Check the relevant main instance and save.
    8. Double click on main instance name to navigate to specific main instance.
    9. Enter the relevant data:
    • In the Header DataTab: Message server, system number
    • In the Clients tab: enter the client for which RFC destinations will be generated (the tab is only for ABAP main instances available)

For more information, see the online documentation of the Solution Manager System Landscape (Transaction SMSY -> Help -> Application Help).

Assign RFC destination for system monitoring


This IMG activity specifies which RFC destination will be used for system monitoring.


    1. In Transaction Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY), select the relevant main instance of a system in the navigation tree.
    2. On tab Client, mark the relevant client in change mode
    3. Choose Assign and Check RFC Destinations.
    4. Select Assign RFC Dest. for System Monitoring.
    5. Save.

For more information, see the online documentation of the Solution Manager System Landscape (Transaction SMSY -> Help -> Application Help).

Create Logical Components


This IMG activity creates a logical component. A logical component uniquely assigns logical systems to a main instance of a product and to system roles, throughout the system landscape and a cross projects.

You use logical components to uniquely identify the component systems:

  • In the project for Business Blueprint, Configuration, Testing, Customizing Distribution
  • During operation of your solution in Monitoring for systems and business processes
  • In the Change Request Management


    1. In transaction Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY), choose System Groups and Logical Components.
    2. Choose Create New Logical Components from the context menu.
    3. Choose product version for the logical component.
    4. Assign system according to its system role to the logical component.

For more information, see the online documentation of this function.

Define Service Desk Destination in the Satellite Systems


In this IMG activity, you make the necessary settings in the satellite systems to enable users working in those systems to send problem messages to the central SAP Solution Manager system.


Basis/ABA Support Packages have to be installed on the satellite systems. For further information, see the SAP Solution Manager Configuration Guide.


In the satellite systems :

In view 'Create Messages: Customizing' (Transaction SM30, view BCOS_CUST), make the following settings for the application OSS_MSG:

  • Column 1: Application: OSS_MSG
  • Column 2: + : W
  • Column 3: RFC Destination:  
  • Column 4: + : CUST620
  • Column 5: + : 1.0


    We recommend to use the back destination you have already created.
    If you want to use a back destination you have created before SAP Solution Manager Release 3.20 SP05, proceed as follows in the SAP Solution Manager System:
    Generate the following roles in transaction PFCG.
    Assign the following roles additionally to the user for the back destination:


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