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You create a G/L account (P+L account) in Financial Accounting without creating the corresponding primary cost element in CO (Transaction KA01). You made a posting to the G/L account in FI. You did not enter CO auxiliary account assignments (cost center, order,...). Later you created the cost element in CO. To clear the difference between FI and CO, you want to subsequently post FI document to CO (Transaction OKBA). However, this is not possible since the document does not contain any CO account assignments (error message KI235 "Account & requires an assignment to a CO object").

A change to the document in FI is not possible since the fields of the coding block cannot be changed using Transaction FB02.

Additional key words
Transaction FB02, CO interface, reconciliation ledger

Cause and prerequisites
Without CO account assignment, FI document cannot be posted into CO. Hence proceed as follows before you make the subsequent posting:

Store default account assignment for cost element (cost center or order) in CO (Transaction OKB9). Use a dummy cost center if there is no other solution.
Fill CO account assignment via substitution when posting (maintain substitution with Transaction OKC9)
Post FI document subsequently to CO using Transaction OKBA (program RGUREC10). In CO, you may transfer the amounts completely or partially (Transaction KB11 or KB61).

If FI documents have already been partially posted in CO, the system generates error message "Document already exists" when you post documents subsequently using Transaction OKBA. In this case, you can delete the CO documents using report RKACOR20 and carry out subsequent posting afterwards. For more information, read Note 45122.

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