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Variants in OB52 to use Multiple Time Zones

原创 网络安全 作者:zhujianfu 时间:2005-01-10 12:09:07 0 删除 编辑
Is there anyway to configure the posting periods variants in OB52 to use multiple time zones? For example, if the US is one company code can multiple variants be setup for the different time zones?[@more@]

Dawn Tooke

In T-code OBBO you can create, if you are need, for every company code a posting period variant which must assign to company code - T-code OBBP. With OB52 you can determine for every posting period variant a posting period for every account type (A,S,D,K,M and +).

Important: In FI it is possibile only two period ranges have to be open at the same time, during of the closing procedure, one for posting period of fiscal year (1-12) and one for special posting period (13-16).

If my answer it is not sufficient, please give me a example for what you want to say with "to use multiple time zones".


The Last column in OB52 Screen for authorisation group.
I think this field can be effectively to restrict the posting by different users situated in different time zones. Of course if a user is travelling from one time zone to other, this option may not work unless authorisation group in his user Id is changed.

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