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SAP Questions.

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Some SAP Questions.


1.      ERP Pre-implementation Familiarization Questionnaire

1.1.   General information

1.1.1.       What type of product does your factory manufacture?

1.1.2.       Do you have more than one factory manufacture?

1.1.3.       What type of customer do you sell to? Other manufactures? Public? Or wholesalers and retailers?

1.1.4.       Do you sale your product domestic China? If you export your product, where do you export or intend export? How many customers do you have?

1.1.5.       How do you arrange your production? Do you have forecast? Do you make to stock? Do you make to order or do you engineering to order? Who in charge of forming the production schedule in your company?

1.1.6.       Normally, how many weeks do your customer want you shipping their order after this order be placed?

1.1.7.       What’s kind of manufacturing process do you have? Processing? Job shop?

1.1.8.       How many percentage of your raw material are imported and purchased domestic (in terms of value)? What is the lead-time for these materials?

1.1.9.       How many percentage of your material cost in your product cost?

1.1.10.    How much revenue are you planning to have within the next year?

1.2.   Organization structure

1.2.1.       Draw an organization chart showing all of the main departments and it’s manager.

1.3.   Manufacturing

1.3.1.       Draw a material flow chart with the begin of forecast and customer order entry, purchase order release, receipt of raw material, production (including sub-contract) and finished goods dispatch. Show the departments related and its management.

1.4.   Manufacturing miscellaneous

1.4.1.       Is your manufacturing carried out in batches? How many batches do you schedule per month?

1.4.2.       Do you use manufacturing orders?

1.4.3.       Do you set Quality Control point through the production? Do you do lot trace?

1.4.4.       How do you record stock in the warehouse now? in a book, stock cards?

1.4.5.       How accurate is your inventory record? 50%, 75% or never count?

1.4.6.       Do you conduct regular stock counting? What type of counting do you use? When?

1.4.7.       How many sub-contracts do you have? How do you process the material management to the sub-contract?

1.4.8.       Please attach a map indicate the locations of the critical departments like purchasing, production planning, sales, financial, quality control, warehouse and shop floor.

1.5.   Material management

1.5.1.       How many raw materials do you have?

1.5.2.       How many finished goods do you have now?

1.5.3.       How many intermediate sub-assemblies? These are partly processed assemblies that stop at a particular stage during production and then are processed again. They are generally items that are part of the production planning cycle.

1.5.4.       What is your format for item number? Given an example.

1.5.5.       What is the typical BOM like?

1.5.6.       Are the BOM currently standardized in a particular format? What is it?

1.5.7.       Do you have procedures or policies for BOM change? Do you have ECN (engineering change notice) now? if you have, can you make a copy for us to reference?

1.5.8.       How many warehouses do you have? Do you store items in specific locations?

1.5.9.       How many vendors do you have?

1.5.10.    What is the average lead time for your raw materials purchasing? Do they vary much from each other?

1.5.11.    Do you use job orders or repetitive? Give an example and explain.

1.5.12.    Do you use pick list? Given an example.

1.5.13.    Do you make your products or packaging with a serial number? Is this number is the same as you use during manufacturing?

1.6.   Financial data information

1.6.1.       What is the organization of your G/L account system? Given an example.

1.6.2.       Do you have a mother company? How do you report financial condition to them?

1.6.3.       When is your fiscal year?

1.6.4.       How often do you print financial reports? How long do you need to close your book every month?

1.6.5.       Do you report manufacturing variances? Explain how it is done now?

1.6.6.       What’s kind of costing system do you use, standard or actual or both?

1.7.   Management issues

1.7.1.       By using ERP system, what are the business objectives that you are working toward? For example, inventory reduction, material shortage reduction, improve customer service, reduce cost etc.

1.7.2.       When do you want to use the system to run your business?

1.7.3.       Who will be the project manager.

1.7.4.       Can you tell about projects in your company? Who management the project?

1.7.5.       Do you have one of ISO9000 series certification approved?


2.      Questionnaire: Materials Management (MM)

2.1.   Organization

2.1.1.      Organizational Features     Are there several organization units with independent inventory management/requirements planning (production facilities/plants) within your corporate enterprise?     Do all plants belong to the same legally independent company (independent accounting unit) or are they assigned to different companies (company coeds)?     Does a purchasing department serve these plants and does this department negotiate the same conditions for all plants?     Are stocks of the same material stored at different locations within a plant?     Which different storage locations do you distinguish between?


2.1.2.      Enterprise Organization Structure     How is materials management integrated within the structure of your enterprise?     Which sub-areas does materials management currently comprise within your enterprise?     Who is responsible within your enterprise for the following areas, and who do they report to?


Inventory management (stock administration)

Invoice verification

Materials planning and control

Master data maintenance

2.2.   Master Data

2.2.1.      Material Master Data     Which types of material do you currently have? Examples, distinguishing criteria, quantity structure     How are these currently administered? Manually, automatically     Do you use a classification system for the materials?(Describe)     How is the material number structured and how are numbers assigned?     Which data are stored in the material master record?     Who is responsible for maintaining material master data?     Are there any requirements with regard to specific factors affecting your enterprise involving material master data which nave not yet been touched upon?

2.2.2.      Vendor master data     Which types of vendor (creditor) do you currently have?

Distinguishing criteria

Quantity structure     Are there any addresses that are purely goods suppliers, invoicing parties, payees?     Are there any once-only vendors without an address but with a common creditor account number?     Which data are stored in the vendor master record?     Are creditor/vendor data already administered in a common master record at the present time?     How are these master records currently administered?   Manually, automatically     What is the structure of the vendor number and how is it assigned?     Do you use a classification system for the vendors?       (Describe)     Is a computer –aided evaluation system for vendors to be set up (partly automatic scoring for price, quality, delivery, service etc.) Who is responsible for maintaining vendor master data? Are there any requirements with regard to specific factors affecting your enterprise involving vendor master data which have not yet been touched upon?

2.3.   Classification of Objects     Do you use a classification system?     Which objects (material, routings,) are administered using this classification system?     What system support exists for the classification system?     Which special requirements should the classification system satisfy:

-         Hierarchical class structure

-         Transfer of characteristics via class levels

-         Free definition of unlimited number of characteristics

-         CAD integration

-         Other     Should classes and characteristics be automatically generated through the transfer of data in DIN400 format from external systems?     Are there any requirements with regard to specific factors affecting your enterprise involving classification which have not yet been touched upon?

2.4.   CAD Integration     Is a CAD system to be linked to the R/3 System via the SAP CAD dialog interface? Which CAD system and with CAD hardware are you suing/do you plan to use?     What are your requirements with regard to an integrated CAD/SAP System (read and maintenance accessing of SAP basic data, materials, bills of material, documents, functional locations equipment)?     Are there any requirements with regard to specific factors affecting your enterprise involving CAD which have not yet been touched upon?

2.5.   Purchasing

2.5.1.      Organization     How is the purchasing department integrated into the organization of your enterprise?     Which departments are engaged in procurement in your enterprise?     How is the purchasing department internally structured?     How many employees does the purchasing department have?

2.5.2.      Procurement     Which purchasing processes are currently computer-aided:     Which processes are to be computerized in the future?     How many of the above processes do you currently have?

2.5.3.      Master Data     Does any further purchasing information exist apart from the purchasing-relevant master data already listed in the section master data?    (E.g. standard texts,)     How is this administered?     How do you administer the information relating to material/vendor relationships(prices)?     What are your requirements regarding (automatic) price determination and/or establishing conditions for purchase orders (which elements: discounts/surcharges, incidental procurement costs; depending on what: vendor, material, quantity etc.)?

2.5.4.      Transactions     What is procured in your enterprise?(Materials, services, )     How is an individual procurement transaction initiated?

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