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SAP 物料帐

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其实WIP通过配置也可以实施差异分摊的。详细参考Note 608162。




在4.6中,价格差异可以在库存和消耗间分配,如:生产投料,工厂间转移,物料转换(309)和库存。但不能把差异分摊到销售,成本中心,内部订单,project, PA segment.scrap 和quality inspection.


ECC6中,即使没有配置相关movement group,销售的差异,只要在CKMLCP中执行了Revaluation of Consumption,差异就会分配到销售中去。但成本中心等需要配置。


Note 608162。


You want to activate the WIP revaluation function in the material ledger. To do this you need to enter a password.

Other terms


Reason and Prerequisites

The WIP revaluation was developed as a country-specific solution for Brazil. As of Release R/3 Enterprise Extension Set 2.00 this function is now integrated in the SAP Standard System. However, SAP decided to only release the WIP revaluation function with restrictions. This is because of the following reasons:

  • The function was developed on the basis of Brazilian legal requirements. Possible legal requirements of other countries were not taken into account.
  • The function is not complete for some processings (see the restrictions below).

The 'Release with restrictions' status means that:

  • There are no release notes.
  • The individual functions cannot be executed in IMG or in the SAP application menu but rather only via the transaction code.
  • The documentation of the Knowledge Warehouse can only be accessed from the transactions via the 'Application Help' menu.
  • You need a password to activate the WIP revaluation in the Customizing. An information message in the Customizing refers to this note. This is to ensure that every user is aware of this information.

Restrictions and special features of the WIP revaluation function are described in detail here:

    1. The revaluation of the work in process is carried out for actual costs and not for valuation approaches which are tax-based or on the balance sheet.
    2. Restriction from the Profit Center Accounting view:
    The revaluation of the work in process for actual prices is component-oriented, not product-oriented. This means: The WIP revaluation is an additional posting for the standard posting of the work in process. It contains the variances that result from the actual price, which deviates from the standard price, for components and activities consumed for the work in process. However, this additional posting occurs on profit centers and business areas of the components or activities, while the standard posting of the work in process occurs on the profit center and business area of the product or order.
    3. The calculation of the WIP quantities for the components and activities is based on the existing 'WIP for Actual Costs' and 'WIP for Planned Costs' procedures of the SAP standard system. This means that the special features of the two procedures are also reflected in the WIP quantities calculated. For example, unplanned excess consumptions in the 'WIP at Actual Costs' procedure are completely assigned to the work in process, whereas they are completely assigned to the variances in the 'WIP for Planned Costs' procedure.
    4. The overhead rates in the work in process remain unchanged and are not calculated on the updated basis.
    5. Inaccuracies occur in the manufacture of joint products if the main product and the joint product have different percentages of completion. The allocation of the variances to the partially delivered main and joint product or to the work in process occurs in the material ledger as if main and joint product had the same (averaged between the actual values) percentage of completion. This leads to an inaccuracy during the apportionment of the variances to be allocated to the main and joint product.
    However, the inaccuracy described here occurs within the framework of the other inaccuracies occurring in connection with the manufacture of joint products in the material ledger.

The password for the activation is 'WPSOLUTION'.

The following individual functions of the WIP revaluation can be called via transaction code:
Transaction code Individual function
OMXW Activate WIP revaluation
COMLWIPDOC Display WIP quantity document
COMLWIPDISP WIP report for Actual Costs
CKMACD Value flow display for activity types
CKMREDWIP Value flow display for reduced WIP
COMLWIPARCH Archive WIP quantity documents
CKMARCHWIP Archive WIP for Actual Costs (period records)

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