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Oracle Form Designer 遇到问题,需要关闭

原创 Oracle 作者:huak 时间:2005-08-24 15:27:48 0 删除 编辑

在Form 当中,当打开某些Canvas 的时候,出现“Oracle Form Designer 遇到问题,需要关闭 ”,Error signature
AppName:ifbld60.exe AppVer: ModName:uiw60.dll
ModVer: Offset:0000d83b


重新安装了好几遍Oracle Form 也无济于事,晕菜了。马上到 上查,看到一些问题及答复如下:


Oracle forms designer has encountered a problem and needs to close

Whenever I try to open some canvases I get the error
"Oracle forms designer has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the Inconvenience"
and asks me to close the form builder.

The same canvas opened up fine before but now its not opening up.



I have the same problem (see Error when opening canevas VSET_QF in FNDFFMSV.fmb). In fact it is many Forms which give this error.
This error appears in OS Windows NT4 SP6 and Windows XP SP1 and Form Builder Version



The forms you have mantioned seems to be a Oracle Apps specific form. Are you able to replicate this crash even with a simple form?
If not the problem may be arising because of inconsistencies in that specific form , and that needs to be debugged by the process of elimination.



This issue does not seem generic but related to certain elements of the form. As per my earlier update the only way to home in on this element would be by the process of elimination.
As the forms mentioned by you are Apps. specific forms, I recommend you post this question in the Oracle Application Library forums , where you would get a more qualified answer as to what these FMB's contain.



Apply the latest patch, patch 17.

我马上去下载 Patch 17,准备安装一下试一试,但是令我晕倒的是,Patch还在下载中,我又打开了Form builder,打开了刚才引起问题的form文件,再打开那个Canvas ,居然可以打开了,重新试了好几次都没有问题了,先前可费了我好几个小时的时间了。晕啊!不知道为什么?先下载着,Form Builder 先用着,有问题再说吧!

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