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[原][转]Existing SAP MM F&Q notes

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Existing SAP MM F&Q notes

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MM-IM 523507 FAQ: Customizing for inventory management
MM-IM-GF-ACT 521523 FAQ: Data transfer / batch input
MM-IM-GF-ARC 521427 FAQ: IDocs for goods movements
MM-IM-GF-AUM 521945 FAQ: Material block
MM-IM-GF-BAPI 518368 FAQ: Valuation for the purchase order
MM-IM-GF-BM 522591 FAQ: IM output determination
MM-IM-GF-COBL 522586 FAQ: Static quantity check
MM-IM-GF-CURR 520765 FAQ: Reporting IM (no LIS)
MM-IM-GF-CUST 522551 FAQ: Sales price valuation
MM-IM-GF-DLCR 519563 FAQ: Goods movements with serial numbers
MM-IM-GF-DTF 520024 FAQ: Other special stocks
MM-IM-GF-IDOC 520000 FAQ: Valuated special stocks
MM-IM-GF-INC 523509 FAQ: Control tables (no Customizing)
MM-IM-GF-LOCK 518485 FAQ: Valuation of goods movements
MM-IM-GF-MB 532932 FAQ: Valuation logic with active material ledger
MM-IM-GF-PERF 519410 FAQ: Consumption Statistics
MM-IM-GF-POVL 519559 FAQ: Goods issue for the reservation
MM-IM-GF-PRNT 519800 FAQ: Goods Receipt
MM-IM-GF-QTYC 519303 FAQ: Goods movement with Transaction MIGO
MM-IM-GF-REP 589254 MIGO: Material number cannot be entered
MM-IM-GF-REP 519821 FAQ: Goods Receipt for Production Order
MM-IM-GF-SAV 519848 FAQ: batch input in physical inventory
MM-IM-GF-SER 518418 FAQ: Cycle Counting
MM-IM-GF-SP 518796 FAQ: Inventory sampling
MM-IM-GF-SPV 518060 FAQ: Physical inventory
MM-IM-GF-TABL 520004 FAQ: Reporting PI
MM-IM-GF-VAL 519580 FAQ: Reservations
MM-IM-GF-VAL 521090 FAQ: Stock transfer to stock transport order
MM-IM-GI-CONS 520411 FAQ: Stock transfer
MM-IM-GI-RS 551630 FAQ: Questions on Inventory Controlling
MM-IM-GR 82820 FAQ: MR02 - Payment block and blocking reasons
MM-IM-GR-MIGO 518660 FAQ: Inbound EDI message in the invoice verification
MM-IM-GR-MIGO 514938 FAQ: Tax and cash discount base, cash discount
MM-IM-GR-ORD 395973 FAQ: MIRO, MR1M - Common questions for topic: taxes
MM-IM-GR-PO 395043 FAQ: Posting invoices using Transaction MIRO
MM-IM-GR-SC 396051 FAQ: Parking in the logistics invoice verification
MM-IM-PI-BTC 394370 FAQ: Invoice release - frequently asked questions
MM-IM-PI-CC 487950 FAQ: Purchasing
MM-IM-PI-IS 501420 FAQ notes in purchasing & service (Rollout note)
MM-IM-PI-PI 498153 FAQ: Addresses in the purchasing
MM-IM-PI-REP 456129 FAQ: Archiving in purchasing
MM-IM-RS-RS 499625 FAQ: Optical archiving in purchasing
MM-IM-ST-PO 498149 FAQ: Availability check in purchasing
MM-IM-ST-ST 496083 FAQ: Customer enhancements (User Exits) in purchasing
MM-IS-IC 500502 FAQ: Order acknowledgments in the purchasing
MM-IS-IC 456127 FAQ: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in purchasing
MM-IV 481600 FAQ: Import data in purchasing
MM-IV-CA 458384 FAQ: Consulting for the changeover to the euro in purchasing
MM-IV-FIV-REL 457511 FAQ: Purchase order change and goods receipt in purchasing
MM-IV-GF-EDI 501853 FAQ: Mass changes in purchasing
MM-IV-GF-VAL 459512 FAQ: manufacturer part numbers (MPN) in purchasing
MM-IV-INT-PAY 457497 FAQ: Message processing in purchasing
MM-IV-INT-TAX 459350 FAQ: Partner determination in purchasing
MM-IV-LIV 456691 FAQ: Price determination in purchasing
MM-IV-LIV-CAN 453888 FAQ: Reporting in the purchasing
MM-IV-LIV-CRE 458938 FAQ: SC stock monitoring list, Transaction ME2O
MM-IV-LIV-PP 458606 FAQ: Subcontracting in purchasing
MM-IV-LIV-REL 501054 FAQ: Taxes in purchasing
MM-PUR 498162 FAQ: Third-party order processing in purchasing
MM-PUR 493404 FAQ: Scheduling agreements
MM-PUR-GF-ACC 491211 FAQ: Purchase order (general)
MM-PUR-GF-ADR 582221 FAQ: BAPIs for purchase orders
MM-PUR-GF-ARC 493315 FAQ: Purchase requisition (general)
MM-PUR-GF-ARC 499627 FAQ: BAPIs for purchase requisitions
MM-PUR-GF-ARL 457110 FAQ: Source determination in purchasing
MM-PUR-GF-ATP 456690 FAQ: Conditions in purchasing
MM-PUR-GF-ATP 430543 FAQ: Purchasing info record
MM-PUR-GF-CE 167284 FAQs: Subsequent settlement (consulting, tips, Customizing)
MM-PUR-GF-CO 499626 FAQ: BAPIs in the service
MM-PUR-GF-CON 634270 FAQ: BW & LIS in the service
MM-PUR-GF-CONS 634298 FAQ: Commitment update in the service
MM-PUR-GF-DISP 499688 FAQ: Ending an invoicing plan / restricting date period
MM-PUR-GF-DTF 499523 FAQ: Invoicing plan in MM
MM-PUR-GF-EDI 634260 FAQ: Master data in the service
MM-PUR-GF-EDI 499722 FAQ: Pricing and condition control for External Services
MM-PUR-GF-EIE 499654 FAQ: Entry of services performed (general)
MM-PUR-GF-EURO 550302 FAQ: Rescheduling check
MM-PUR-GF-GR 549193 FAQ: Error messages in the material requirements planning
MM-PUR-GF-KONF 553746 FAQ: Planning file entries in material requirements planning
MM-PUR-GF-LIS 550568 FAQ: MRP run (MD01, MD02, MD03, MDBT...)
MM-PUR-GF-MAS 550014 FAQ: Source determinatn in the material requiremnts planning
MM-PUR-GF-MPN 544520 FAQ: Picking
MM-PUR-GF-OC 550362 FAQ: special problems for third-party and individual PO
MM-PUR-GF-PA 549972 FAQ: rejecting third-party or individual PO items
MM-PUR-GF-PR 549818 FAQ: billing status for third-party items in sales order
MM-PUR-GF-PR 549365 FAQ: scheduling for third-party and individual PO
MM-PUR-GF-QO 63805 FAQ: Country-specific Customizing settings
MM-PUR-GF-RE 1261200 FAQ: S094 and S194
MM-PUR-GF-REL 653209 FAQ: CATS/CATM - Transfer to Materials Management
MM-PUR-GF-RET 842318 Frequently asked questions about validations + substitutions
MM-PUR-GF-SC 808914 Transaction BMBC can be used for O02E and MB5M
MM-PUR-GF-STO 1000077 FAQ: Problems when implementing Note 32236
MM-PUR-GF-TAX 1281624 FAQ: Archiving in inventory management
MM-PUR-GF-TEXT 520813 FAQ: BAPIs for goods movements
MM-PUR-GF-TP 520534 FAQ: Delivery from goods movement
MM-PUR-GF-VE 520010 FAQ: Inconsistencies in inventory management
MM-PUR-GF-VER 521974 FAQ: Performance
MM-PUR-OA-BAPI 690027 FAQ: Reporting IM (no LIS)
MM-PUR-OA-SCH 737454 Goods receipt for inbound dely creates error message M7394
MM-PUR-PO 650482 FAQ: Subcontracting
MM-PUR-PO 703894 FAQ for document evaluations in Inventory Controlling
MM-PUR-PO-BAPI 308008 FAQ: Posting logic: GR/IR clearing account
MM-PUR-PO-GUI 10757 FAQ: MR11, clear GR/IR clearing account
MM-PUR-REQ-BAPI 937129 Restrictions that apply to prepayment
MM-PUR-REQ-GUI 1174830 FAQ: Invoice cancellation for services
MM-PUR-REQ-GUI 496082 FAQ: Account assignment in purchasing
MM-PUR-RFQ 844449 FAQ - Archiving Reports RM06E/B/Ix47
MM-PUR-SQ 821739 FAQ : Rescheduling Transaction (V_V2) in Purchasing
MM-PUR-SQ-QTA 459509 FAQ: Commitments in purchasing
MM-PUR-SQ-SLI 775769 FAQ: Consignment
MM-PUR-VM-CON 754129 FAQ: Purchasing and materials planning
MM-PUR-VM-REC 481034 FAQ: Data transfer (batch input) in purchasing
MM-SRV 588117 FAQ: Configurable materials in Purchasing
MM-SRV 459450 FAQ: Logistic Information System (LIS) in Purchasing
MM-SRV 713111 FAQ: pricing in CK11/CK11N
MM-SRV 772558 FAQ: Quantity conversion and rounding
MM-SRV 365604 FAQ: Release strategies in purchasing
MM-SRV 493900 FAQ: Release Strategy
MM-SRV-ACC 498143 FAQ: Stock transfer with delivery in purchasing
MM-SRV-BPI 448814 FAQ: Texts in purchasing
MM-SRV-BW 459516 FAQ: Vendor evaluation
MM-SRV-GF-CO 664928 FAQ: Version management
MM-SRV-GF-OC 1046794 FAQ: BAPI for outline agreement
MM-SRV-IP 1093582 FAQ: Delivery complete indicator ELIKZ
MM-SRV-IP 491789 FAQ: Enjoy purchase order
MM-SRV-MD 750886 FAQ: Automatic purchase requisition (PReq) processing (ME57)
MM-SRV-PR 493318 FAQ: Enjoy purchase requisition
MM-SRV-SR 1104434 FAQ: Request for Quotation


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