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1.commandview problem:

# armdsp -i

no found device
Error logging in: TIMEOUT EXPIRED

#armdiscover -v
This could take several minutes ...

Failed to obtain remote database interface to host: localhost

< Solution >


All of the following items should be checked when this type of problem occurs to ensure that names and addresses are successfully resolved:
# uname -a

Take note of the hostname.

# /etc/hosts

Make sure IP <---> HOSTNAME entry is good.

# /etc/nsswitch.conf

Make sure nsswitch.conf is using /etc/hosts as its first option, with or without DNS.

# nslookup HOSTNAME

# nslookup IP_ADDRESS

Make sure that name resolution is good for both the HOSTNAME and IP_ADDRESS.

# cat /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/config/commIpAddr.txt


NOTE: If any changes are made in any of the steps above, issue the command armdisp -ia may return a No devices found error unless CommandView is restarted.

Perform. the following steps to restart CommandView and the Monitor:
Restart CommandView:

# HA_Dial_Stop

# HA_Dial_Start

Restart Monitor:

# /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/HA_trigger stop

# /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/dial_trigger stop

# /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/HA_trigger start

# /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/sbin/dial_trigger start

Check VA discovery

# armdiscover

The armdsp command should now run as expected.

# armdsp -i

max_thread_proc parameter

min/max 256/512

Kernel rebulding

Swremove Command view SDM

# rm -rf /var/opt/sanmgr
# rm -rf /etc/opt/sanmgr
# rm -rf /opt/sanmgr

Swinstall Command view SDM

2.VA-partially restart
cvui 局部复位

dual-controller 在线更换

Aug 10 13:49:59 qz1000b vmunix: 0/9/0/0: Unable to access previously accessed device at nport ID 0x1022a.
Aug 10 13:49:59 qz1000b vmunix: 0/9/0/0: 'World-wide name' (unique identifier) for device at nport ID 0x1022a has
Aug 10 13:49:59 qz1000b vmunix: changed. If the device has been replaced intentionally, please use the
Aug 10 13:49:59 qz1000b vmunix: fcmsutil(1M) command's replace_dsk option to allow the new device to be used.
Aug 10 13:49:59 qz1000b vmunix: 0/9/0/0: Fibre Channel Driver detected a parse error in the FLOGI/PLOGI response
Aug 10 13:49:59 qz1000b vmunix: returned by nport ID 0x1022a. FLOGI/PLOGI Fail Code = 0x6.




先VA上状态为ready了,但系统上看换上去这块controller的链路仍为NO_HW,用fcmsutil device_file devstat all 查询Remote-N-ID 然后用fcmsutil device_file replace_dsk N-PORT ID:
      replace_dsk (TL)
       This option is used to specify that no authentication
       should be performed the next time we communicate with
       the device. This option is to be used by system
       administrators for replacing a disk, with another (with
       the same N_Port_ID). Note that this is not required, if
       the new disk acquires a new N_Port_ID.

       This option is supported only by the TACHYON TL  cards.


若有磁盘损坏,那么用armdsp -f 查看va状态的时候会看到eclosesure 和 disk都是failed的状态


如果是做了RAID 0+1这种RADI 即使AUTO_INCLUE状态为ON时,更换了硬盘也需要手工INCLUE一下。可以用CVUI工具来。

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