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What is known as ‘Duet’ in sap components

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A component under SAP xApps, ‘Duet’ is a first-of-its-kind software solution from SAP and
Microsoft that enables users to easily and quickly interact with SAP business processes and data
via their familiar Microsoft Office environment. The result of a groundbreaking collaboration
between SAP and Microsoft, it is the first joint product created by these two industry leaders and
is designed to revolutionize how IT workers interact with enterprise applications.
Duet enables:
􀂃 Budget Monitoring: Schedule time-critical alerts and notifications to monitor cost
centers or internal orders, which are delivered directly to Microsoft Outlook.
􀂃 Demand Planning: Create and use planning sheets, as well as analyze and manage
demand planning data from the SAP System using Microsoft Excel.
􀂃 Duet Reporting: Schedule reports to be delivered regularly to Microsoft Outlook, receive
individual reports on an as-needed basis, and view reports in Microsoft Excel.
􀂃 Leave Management: Add leave requests as Microsoft Outlook calendar items that
integrate approval guidelines in the SAP System and enterprise-defined processes.
􀂃 Sales Management: Manage CRM accounts and contacts, create business activities,
and access sales analytics information using Microsoft Outlook.
􀂃 Team Management: Access up-to-date information about yourself and employees, open
positions, and organizational structures that are integrated from the SAP System into the
Microsoft Outlook contacts area.
􀂃 Time Management: Record time in the Microsoft Outlook calendar, streamlining time
entry while ensuring time-reporting compliance in the SAP System.
􀂃 Travel Management: Create a travel request and a travel expense report in the SAP
System using Microsoft Outlook.

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