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The Priceless Mother Love

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One night when my wife preparing the dinner. Our little son took a piece of paper to her which read: For washing the car -----------$ 5.00
                             Playing with little sister -------$0.25
                             Getting a good report card----$ 5.00
                             For sweeping the common corridor-----$ 2.00
                       Total -----$12.25
His mother look at him standing there expecting  payment. She picked up the pen and the paper over,this is what she wrote:
         For 10 months I carried you ---------No charge.
         For the night I sat up with and prayed for you----------No charge
         For the toys, food and cloths ------------no charge.
         The full cost of my love ----------------no charge.
          When he finishing reading, he had big tears in his eyes. He looked at his mother and said, " Mumy I love you  ! "  Then he took the pen and in great big letters wrote on the "bill" : " All paid."

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