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cluster interconnect 可以用4个网卡

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Redundant Interconnect Usage

You can define multiple interfaces for Redundant Interconnect Usage by classifying the interfaces as private either during installation or after installation using the oifcfg setif command. When you do, Oracle Clusterware creates from one to four (depending on the number of interfaces you define) highly available IP (HAIP) addresses, which Oracle Database and Oracle ASM instances use to ensure highly available and load balanced communications.

The Oracle software (including Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM, and Oracle ACFS, all 11g release 2 (, or later), by default, uses these HAIP addresses for all of its traffic, allowing for load balancing across the provided set of cluster interconnect interfaces. If one of the defined cluster interconnect interfaces fails or becomes non-communicative, then Oracle Clusterware transparently moves the corresponding HAIP address to one of the remaining functional interfaces.


Oracle Clusterware uses at most four interfaces at any given point, regardless of the number of interfaces defined. If one of the interfaces fails, then the HAIP address moves to another one of the configured interfaces in the defined set.

When there is only a single HAIP address and multiple interfaces from which to select, the interface to which the HAIP address moves is no longer the original interface upon which it was configured. Oracle Clusterware selects the interface with the lowest numerical subnet to which to add the HAIP address.

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