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Difference between connection and session

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Connection and session are closely related to user process but are very different in meaning.


A connection is a communication pathway between a user process and an Oracle instance. A communication pathway is established using available interprocess communication mechanisms (on a computer that runs both the user process and Oracle) or network software (when different computers run the database application and Oracle, and communicate through a network).

A session is a specific connection of a user to an Oracle instance through a user process. For example, when a user starts SQL*Plus, the user must provide a valid username and password, and then a session is established for that user. A session lasts from the time the user connects until the time the user disconnects or exits the database application.

Multiple sessions can be created and exist concurrently for a single Oracle user using the same username. For example, a user with the username/password of SCOTT/TIGER can connect to the same Oracle instance several times.

In configurations without the shared server, Oracle creates a server process on behalf of each user session. However, with the shared server, many user sessions can share a single server process.

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