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Mapping CAD properties to PLM fields

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Mapping CAD properties to PLM fields  映射CAD属性到PLM字段

The first two tabs define the mapping of CAD properties to PLM fields . For CAD objects that aren't known in PLM the mapping in the "Initial Save " tab is used . The "Update Save" tab is used for CAD objects that already have an assign Agile objects. Both sections are configured the same way but may contain different settings . For instance on initial save the predefinition of the Design number or the assigned Item number is important . On update save there is only the need to map attributes like dimensions or descriptions.

前面两个标签是定义从CAD属性到PLM 字段的映射关系。为在PLM 中不存在的对象定义是在"Initial Save"中。为在PLM中已经存在的对象定义是在"Update Save"标签中。每部分的设置方法是相同的只是包括不同的设置。比如说在初始保存时预定义设计对象的编号或者分配的物料号是很重要的。在更新保存的时候只面要映射像尺寸或是描述。

The first column switches the target Agile superclass , which can be "Design " or "Item" . 第一列控制Agile的超类,可以是设计或是物料。

Depending on the selection in the PLM superclass column the available PLM fields are filtered from the current class configuration . Only visible and editable fields in PLM are available.

根据在PLM 超类列的选择,可用的PLM字段会被过滤从当前的类别配置。只有在PLM中可见并且可用的字段在这里是可用的。

After selecting the target field additional information for this field displays in the CAX Name and the Attribute ID column . Both are readonly.

选择完目标字段后额外的信息为了这个字段的会显示在CAX Name和Attribute ID 列。都是只读的。 

In the Property Type column you can select from CAD internal integration parameters and from CAD properties . If you set the value to "Attribute" you have to specify a CAD preperty name in the Parameter column.

在属性类别列中你可以选择从CAD内部集成的参数和从CAD的参数。如果你设置为"属性" 你必须设置一个CAD属性名称在参数列。

Note: A parameter with this name is searched in the configuration specific properties first . If there is no configuration specific property with this name , the starandard or custom properties of the part are scanned.



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