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Agile EC 301 BOM Publishing

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BOM Publishing  明细表发布

Introduction 简介

BOM Publishing using the Agile>Save command , is used to create or update Agile Product Structures based on CAD Design Structures.The Product Structure, or "Part BOM" , is the definition of your product that is passed manufacturing . Since in many cases this structure closely resembles the structure of your CAD design , the BOM Publishing setp can leverage this to decrease effort and increase accuracy . 

 明细表发布使用Agile >保存命令, 用来创建或者更新Agile 产品结构 基于CAD设计结构。产品结构或者零件明细表,定义了要去生产的产品。大多数情况下这个结构是与CAD设计结构类似的,明细表发布这一步操作能够减少工作量以及提高准确度。

 Overview of the BOM Publishing Process

    The overall BOM Publishing process has four main steps , which are illustrated below . The first three steps can all be managed within only one save command depending on the preferences settings for the publish and part creation behavior. .(See the Item and Publish Preferences section for details ) 

    发布明细表的过程总共有四个步骤,如下图所示 。前三个步骤都可以通过使用保存命令 再根据发布以及零件创建的首选项来 控制行为。(在物件和发布首选项查看细节)



   Save - This step saves the Design structure into Agile PLM , using the Agile > Save command .

   保存 - 这一步保存设计结构到Agile PLM中, 使用Agile >保存命令

   Assign -This step links each Design object to a corresponding Item(typically a Part class object) .This linking is done based on the type of mapping defined in your EC environment. For example , if your Design object is named "90123400.ASM" you may have a mapping  defined to link this Design to a Part named "90123400" (as shown above ) . Or the Part number may be defined as a CAD property value , or simply a PLM autonumber . In any case , if the target Part number already exists, then the Assign function will simply link the Design to this existing Part . If it does not exist , it will create it . The linking operation is accomplished using the Agile PLM "Relationships" tab , and the link applies across all Design versions and Part revisions. It is simply saying "this Part is related to that Design" .

    安排 - 这一步链接每个设计对象到对应的物件(典型的是Part 类别对象) 。这个链接基于在EC环境中定义的类别,如果你的设计对象名为"90123400.ASM" ,你可能有一个映射定义链接这个设计到一个物件名为"90123400"(如上图所示)。或者物料号可能定义成一个CAD属性值,或者是一个简单的PLM自动编码。无论如何,假如目标物料号已经存在,那么安排函数将会简单的链接设计到这个已经存在的物料。假如不存在,它将会创建。链接操作使用了Agile PLM 的关系标签,并且这个链接应用到所有的设计版本以及物料修订。简单说就是“这个物料与这个设计有关”

 Publish - This step actually creates or updates the BOM structure for all the assigned Items ,based on the corresponding Design structure . In addtional it attaches specific Design filetypes to the Item , as configured by your administrator .

    发布 -这一步真正创建或者更新明细表结构为所有安排了的物料,根据对应的设计结构。另外 它还添加了对应的设计文件作为附件给物料,根据管理员的配置。

   Manual BOM Edit - This step does not occur within the EC Web Connector . If necessary , manually BOM edits can be made using the normal Redline BOM capability in Agile PLM . Manually BOM edits are tracked independently and will not be changed upon subsequent BOM publish updates. 

    手动编辑明细表 -这一步不在EC web 连接器中出现。 在需要必须得情况下,手动编辑明细表会用到Agile PLM中的明细表标红功能。手动的编辑明细表将会被单独的追踪 并且不会随着之后的明细表的更新而更新。

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