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Agile EC 301 Save Design Structures

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Design Structures 设计结构

The Save command creates design structures in Agile , to hold the CAD files , It is important to understand how these structures are set up in Agile . CAD designs consist mainly of these types of files - Parts , Assemblies , and Drawings . In terms of the design structure hierarchy , Parts are the lowest level . They are combined into parent Assemblies ,which in turn are combined into higher-level Assemblies . Drawings are represented at a higher level than either Parts or Assemblies; essentially a Drawing is a "parent" of whatever assembly or part that is on the drawing.

 保存命令在Agile中创建设计结构,处理CAD文件。理解在Agile 中这些结构是如何创建的是非常重要的。CAD设计主要包括三种文件-零件,装配体,工程图,在设计的结构层中,零件是最低级别的。它们组成父装配体(组件),进而组成更高级别的装配体。工程图时比零件和装配体更高的一个结构层次。在工程图中工程图时零件或者装配体的父节点。

 The figure below illustrates a case of a Pro/Engineer five-part assembly, where each of the parts, and also the assembly, has corresponding drawings. The assembly (D00007) is the parent of all the parts, and each drawing is the parent of its respective assembly or part . It s important to keep this structure in mind when using EC operations like Save and Load , and also when browsing through design structure data in Agile.

下图展示了一个用Pro/Engineer 做的 五个零件的装配体的案例。每个零件,装配体都有对应的工程图。装配体是每个零件的双亲,每个工程图时每个装配体或者零件的双亲。保持这个结构是重要的,在使用EC操作的时候,比如保存和加载,以及在Agile中浏览设计结构数据时。

For example , since the Save and Load commands work on a single structure at a time, you can save drawing D0008 and it will save assembly D00007 and the five parts, but not the five part drawings (because they are not in the same tree structure- you would not see then within the BOM tab of D00008 in Agile) . For this situation you can use the Save session command, which will include all files active in the CAD session within the Save dialog.

举个例子,在保存或者加载命令工作在一个单独结构的时候,可以保存工程图D0008 并且它会保存装配体D00007 以及五个零件,但是不会保存五个工程图(因为它们不在同一个树结构下,你不会再Agile中的D00008的BOM标签下看到它们).这种情况下,可以使用保存会话命令,它会保存在CAD会话中所有激活的文件使用保存对话框。

Similar types of structures are used to store other specialty types of CAD files, such as Pro/E family table generics, and drawing format files. In each case, the Connector is set up to recognize the files as being stored in these particular type of structures, so they must not be manually modified in Agile or erros may result.

类似的结构类型被使用保存其他特定类型的CAD 文件,比如Pro/E 系列表创建,和工程图格式文件。每种情况,连接器建立组织这些文件以他们特定的结构,所以他们一定不可以手动在Agile中编辑,否则会出现错误的结果。


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